February 25, 2008

A Circle Of Support

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When I picked up last night’s take-out, the owner of the restaurant told me that he noticed me at our rally on Saturday. I suspect he was somewhat guarded in asking me ‘what side are you on?’ To which, I replied ‘the good side – I support our troops.’

His response: ‘That’s good – I can’t stand the other side!’ (Emphasis was his.)

This is two such reactions from two separate local business owners to me personally since Saturday. They see what we are doing, and they are supportive of us being there.

These are the businesses that I love supporting, these are the people who love America, who know what hard work can achieve. I’ll be working on gaining public support, and linking via this site, for those like-minded businesses. Similarly, I’m going to stop frequenting those businesses who have placed their alliances with the traitors on the other side.

Until then, we’ll work on word-of-mouth for the places showing us support – while we show our troops support.

February 22, 2008

Operation Disk Drive

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This Saturday, Chris Hill of the Gathering of Eagles will be collecting new and/or used DVDs to send to our troops overseas.  For more info, see the Gathering of Eagles – North Carolina web site.

Just bring any of your DVDs to the corner of High and Market between 11 am – 12 noon this Saturday and Chris will take care of everything else.

Thanks Chris!

February 18, 2008

Skye’s Take

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Take a look at Skye’s write-up of Saturday’s rally!

I particularly like the photo of Frank.  We were an impressive bunch this weekend, too – I counted 30 including photographers in the group shot.

Hope everyone had a good President’s Day.

A Few New Photos

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While we’re waiting for more from the other two, I posted a couple new shots from the last couple weeks.  (Click on the photo to go to the full gallery.)

The Lineup

February 16, 2008

Great Comment on the Daily Local

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Rich found a good comment on the Daily Local blog – I hope we see this person today!

My favorite part:

“Your hearts are filled with hate. Why? You should feel grateful, feel love. God has been good to you all. You are Americans. Straighten up, behave. Be proud of yourselves, for a change. Stop your self loathing. America needs your support.”

Follow this link to read the whole post – it is in there with several other good ones.

February 9, 2008

Stupidest Sign Ever

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OK, I’ll admit it – saying that the guy blurred in the background is holding the absolute Stupidest Sign Ever is a bit of hyperbole. Here, however, I think it is appropriate since the idiot holding it defends the sign – which says ‘Worst President Ever’ – as the gospel truth.

For those who would like to think rationally on the subject, feel free to read about how George W. is probably the 21st worst president ever. Out of 42 total presidents (Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president, that’s why George W. is president #43) this puts him in just about the exact middle. His predecessor is the 22nd worst president ever.

When the signholder was asked if he felt that George W. Bush was worse than James Buchanan, his reply was “yeah, I think he is worse.”

So, I may be forgiven for the hyperbole on the ‘Stupidest Sign Ever’. At least I don’t really believe it.

Saturday, February 9th Rally

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Thankfully the rain held off for today’s rally, and once again it was great to see everyone come out to support our troops and our cause. I have some good commentary on today’s events, but I’ll start simply with a photo of a fellow Sheepdog. More to follow…

February 6, 2008

A Great Write-Up

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We’ll try to get more pictures here, but in the meantime Skye posted this excellent write-up of last weekend’s rally.

Thanks Skye!

February 4, 2008

Rich In The Daily Local

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Rich has a bio and video interview up on the Daily Local’s site:


Good job, Rich!  I think you articulated our position well – we are positively for the troops, and they are positively not.

February 3, 2008

What’s On The Other Side

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This picture (thanks NeoCon) showed up from yesterday’s rally.

What you don’t see, however, is the message on the other side of our signs – and where the signs are directed. The street side of the two signs read: ‘Shame On You’ and ‘America Is Not The Enemy’. And while obscured by passing traffic, we are holding the signs in the face of the shameless group on the opposite corner.

It is our message – their anti-American signs are shameful and harming our country and our troops. Shame on them. America is not the enemy!

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