April 29, 2008

Karen Porter – the Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Every Saturday afternoon, we stand guard in support of the United States of America and its troops acting on our behalf. We are there to honor them, to thank them, and to support them.

Karen Porter is the head of the Chester County “Peace” Movement, and has been on that corner for five years more doing the very opposite. In fact, it is her hate and her venom that pushed us like-minded patriots into action.

Over the course of the past month, we have been joined by community members in writing letters supporting our mission and exposing the hypocrisy of the CCPM. Thanks go to each and every one of those letter-writers, and I know there have been many more written than just those published. We need to continually let everyone see and hear about what we are doing each Saturday. We need to let other West Chester (and beyond) residents know that we stand for America, and we renounce the leftists who are trying to demoralize our troops and hurt our country.

As you read Karen’s letter, printed below, take note of not only what Karen says – but also what she does not. Dan Pourreau called the CCPM “bullies” and instigators. Rather than try to (falsely) claim the CCPM does not bully, notice how Karen simply responds with imagery (“Kill, kill, kill!”) and hyperbole (“we should all show up with assault weapons”). Ed Kurth wrote an article exposing the vitriol of the “Peace” activists, including how they assaulted one of our women. Karen responds with a vacuous argument that the woman wasn’t “young” – which she is, especially compared to the old man who assaulted her. She then claims to have never seen the shameful and shameless signs that her “Peace” protesters have held. It should be clear to everyone which side is doing the lying.

Director responds to recent letters

I have read, often with amusement, some of the “pro-victory-movement” letters in the past couple of weeks in your paper. Usually, I can just ignore them as either bald-faced lies or the writers’ very agile imaginations. However, two of them warrant brief responses. I find them so amusing that I can’t resist.

Dan Pourreau, as usual, has a very imaginative response to everything. As with Marie Antoinette, his usual attitude toward all those suffering masses is “Let them eat cake.”

But I digress. His bottom-line solution for the hatred we deal with every Saturday on the corner of High and Market appears to be that we should all show up with assault weapons and shoot it out. Wow! The Battle of the Bulge here in West Chester! The “OK Corral” no less! (Too many cowboy movies as a boy in France?)

He must also agree with comedian Rush Limbaugh, who is dreaming of violence at the Democratic convention this summer! What a great country these two envision for our children! Just shoot it out! Kill, kill, kill! Blood, blood, blood!

And Ed Kurth — not sure where to start. So he’s been to the vigils on “two occasions” — a quick-study expert, no less!

The Chester County Peace Movement has been on that corner, let’s see, over 270 Saturdays — and his “two occasions” have revealed to him the truth of all things! It was particularly amusing to read of the “young girl” he says was hit (was he there? If not, we have some films he might want to check out of that “young girl”). That “young girl” is a bit older than he infers — rather mature, in fact. That “young girl” has shoved her camera in my face many times — I was fortunately able to suppress all my own urges to push it out of my face. That “young girl” has taunted me relentlessly for six months, and I suggest Mr. Kurth read some of that “young girl’s” hateful blogs. He’s in for quite an education about “young girls.”

And about those “hate” signs he talks about — I’m not sure what vigils he sampled, but I’ve sure never seen them. And my “political motives,” wow! A mind-reader in our midst! I guess it’s inconceivable I could sincerely oppose a war based on lies and perfidy and involving the loss of thousands of innocent lives — must be “political motives.” I’d love to hear what those “political motives” are!

Mr. Kurth has a line into my brain that I sure haven’t tapped. Maybe he missed the counterprotesters’ “Defeat Socialism — Vote Republican” signs or the “Hillary is a Communist” T-shirts. But I guess that, if he attended only two vigils, he just might have missed all that. Mr. Kurth needs to get out more!

Someone asked me why the Daily Local publishes such blatant lies, and I answered that the newspaper isn’t in the business of fact-checking all letters (obviously). It’s our job to do that, so I am.

Karen Porter

Chester County “Peace” Movement director

April 28, 2008

Skye Gets Interviewed by Right Wing News

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Skye was one of six women interviewed by John Hawkins, the proprietor of the hugely popular blog “Right Wing News.” The topic was “Interviewing Conservative Women on Dating”. As usual, Skye did not disappoint – she knows what she likes and what she wants.

Read the interview here.

Welcome Home for Marine Corporal

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A few of the Sheepdogs were present to welcome home Corporal Adam Daller, USMC. We are proud to join Sharon and her very worthy cause – A Hero’s Welcome – in these joyous reunions. If you’re interested in future A Hero’s Welcome events, send Sharon an e-mail to get on her mailing list. Sharon can also accept donations to her non-profit organization.

Some of my shots from Sunday’s event:

Setting Up for Cpl. Daller\'s Return

April 27, 2008

Another Fine Rally – April 26th 2008

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Thanks to the patriots who made it out yesterday.  The rain held off and we made another wall of red, white, and blue.  Thanks to the sheepdogs who manned the booth at the PA Leadership Conference – we look forward to reading about the events at Skye’s blog.

Group Shot, April 27th 2008

April 25, 2008

Easy Decision – Side With America!

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It’s great to see the outflowing of letter to the editor about our group.  Ed’s letter below hits one of the key points – that we may be a diverse group politically, but we proudly stand behind the men and women fighting for our country.  The other side has allowed their political hate overrun their cause.

Easy decision what side to choose

On two occasions I have attended the West Chester demonstrations. On arrival it was easy to choose where I would stand. One group had an abundance of “American flags” and “Support Our Troops” signs (Chester County Victory Movement). The other group had a collection of “Hate Bush,” “Hate America,” “Che Guevara” and “desecrated American flags” (Chester County Peace Movement). I will always stand with America.

Upon reflection of what I saw and heard those days my conclusion is that Ms. Karen Porter is hiding her political motives behind everyone’s wish for peace.

With regard to Ms. Porter’s whining about being bullied and feeling threatened, it is just that … “whining.” I met several alpha personalities there, that if so inclined could easily be the threat she describes. They have chosen self-restraint and Rich Davis (CCVM) does an excellent job defusing potential incidents as they are presented.

Ms. Porter needs to be reminded which member and which leader lost control and broke the peace. No matter how she rationalizes or spins it there was no excuse for her member / hero, hitting that young girl.

In closing, I will be proud to stand, whenever possible, with the CCVM, in support of our troops, America and peace through victory.

Ed Kurth

Chester County

April 24, 2008

Iraq War Veteran and Family Assaulted!

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We’ve seen this firsthand here in West Chester, so the story of an Iraq War veteran and his family getting assaulted in Edinboro (PA) by “Peace Protesters” won’t shock us as much as it should everyone else. But the story as posted by the Gathering of Eagles (New York) is even more repulsive than the thuggery our West Chester “Peace” activists have mustered up.

And surprise, surprise – the initial attacks were on a 14-year-old and his mother.

Protestor LTE Claims Troops Don’t Believe in Cause

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A “peace” protestor claims troops “just follow orders” – doesn’t give them credit for loving their country and believing in their mission. Our troops have seen the eyes of the enemy – they know the threat we face is real and that the worst thing we could do is withdraw from Iraq before the job is finished.

Troops in Iraq just following orders

I believe that Dan Pourreau (“Perhaps practice what you preach,” Mon, 4/21) is a little confused. He writes the Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) “accuse our soldiers of illegally occupying another country and killing innocent people in cold blood.”

Actually we believe, as many civilian and military experts do, that our brave men and women in Iraq are following orders. They were taken into Iraq by an inept administration for an illegal invasion on false pretenses. I and many intelligent and experienced congressmen believe that “the duly elected president of this great nation” has committed several crimes against the Constitution of this great nation and should be brought to justice for these crimes.

Saddam Hussein, as well as many other bullies in the world, have committed serious crimes against their own people and all should be brought to justice. This president had chosen to go against Hussein for reasons that each of us will never know. Some suggest oil was the reason, others, revenge for the attempted assassination of his father; still others, to finish his father’s business from the first Iraq war.

As we all know the terrorists responsible for 9/11 were not Iraqis, were not from Iraq, and had nothing to do with Iraq. Since the U.S. invasion of Iraq, when the administration decided to remove all Sunnis from government allowing them no means for income, Iraq has become another breeding ground for terrorists along with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

As to the corner of High and Market streets, I am not a participant because of the presence of those against me. I am there, as I’ve been since before the invasion, as a protest against the invasion of Iraq. This is my right to protest; my brave ancestors have fought for this right and I am certainly not intimidated.

I will stand where I choose, when I choose, carrying a sign I choose to carry. I find it unnecessary and useless to speak with someone who indicates from her words shouted at me without knowing anything about me that she has decided to hate me. However, I am always ready to speak with others who are willing to carry on an amicable give and take conversation. I believe in dialogue.

Diane L. Donato

West Chester

April 23, 2008

Beware the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – Great LTE Rebuke

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Check out the fantastic letter to the editor from one of our regulars. Jim makes a great point in the middle — they call our side a ‘protest’ when really it is a Victory Rally for supporting our troops.

No conflict or peace

I read with great interest the letter sent by Karen Porter regretting the conflict that occurred on March 22 at a peaceful vigil. There was no conflict, there also was no peace, there was an assault committed by a so-called veteran for peace on a woman! Her crime was filming a conversation between two vets for peace, and an Air Force veteran, also a woman, when she was struck twice by this valiant vet for peace. Karen Porter’s words, not mine.

Karen Porter says we targeted said veteran … I didn’t know his name until after he was arrested. Karen Porter says her best analogy is that the group who opposes the Chester County Peace Movement are bullies.

A woman taking pictures gets struck twice by a vet for peace and we’re the bullies? I think Ms. Porter is confused … the bullies do the hitting.

Ms. Porter goes on to say the borough should request that the Chester County Victory Movement should alter the timing and or place of its protests.

Let me humbly disagree. First, I’m not protesting! I am showing support, and solidarity with the brave men and women fighting for not only our freedom but for freedom everywhere. Second, the Chester County Victory Movement has as much right to be at High and Market as Porter’s group.

We also had the right to meet in Media and counter the propaganda and misinformation spewed by Ms. Porter’s supporters there.

Ms. Porter goes on to say that she wants no interaction between the two groups, she has no desire to go near us, and we should be away from them. Ms. Porter cannot seem to get along with fellow Americans and neighbors who don’t think and act like her.

Sounds to me like Ms. Porter has some hate and discontent that she seems to want people to think is really peace and love.

Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing that you don’t know.

Jim Doedderlein

Chester County

April 22, 2008

Flag Day in West Chester – June 14th

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The Chester County Victory Movement is proud to announce FLAG APPRECIATION DAY – in West Chester, PA – Saturday June 14th (10:45AM – 12:15PM).

This is a great opportunity to be surrounded by grateful patriotic Americans and pay homage to Old Glory and all those who have fought and died to keep it waving.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a 3′ x 5′ flag to our Pro-Troop Rally as we line up and form a wall of Red, White, and Blue.

For some inspiration, read lyrics and listen to Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag”.

April 21, 2008

LTE Says “Stop the Occupation”

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A new Letter to the Editor appeared in this morning’s Daily Local paper. The writer hits some great points.

Perhaps practice what you preach

While not condoning the behavior that led to it, I find Karen Porter’s plea to the borough (DLN, April 5) to “resolve” her predicament exquisitely ironic. Ms. Porter and other Chester County Peace Movement protesters have been “occupying” our town square and the pages of this newspaper for the past five years. They ardently believe in their right to be there and the truth of their message.

Yet they routinely accuse our soldiers of illegally occupying another country and killing innocent people in cold blood. They have accused the duly elected president of this great nation of being a cold-blooded killer and worse. They say we invaded Iraq without provocation and without cause, excusing Saddam Hussein’s actions, the biggest bully in the world. They have advocated that our U.S. forces retreat immediately to within our borders and leave the Iraqis to fend for themselves against a brutal and determined enemy who uses murder as its primary means of communication. They argue that the bullies would go away, if only we went home.

Now, facing harsh words and intimidation, they are appealing to a greater authority and power than themselves, so they can continue their occupation of the town square. Karen Porter seems surprised that her bullies did not just stay on their side of the street when she retreated to the other side. Shocking!

The lesson of this story will undoubtedly be lost on Ms. Porter and the members of the CCPM: You do not appease bullies; you beat them back until they submit to you. Now if the CCPM truly believes what it has been preaching for the past five years, it will retreat to Ms. Porter’s home for their Saturday morning protest. Maybe then the bullies will go away.

Dan Pourreau


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