June 29, 2008


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The leftists were holding another anti-american rally on the courthouse corner today, Sunday June 29.  I noticed these belligerent occupants around 4:30PM while doing my laundry.  They were alone, and the motto – “Not this war, Not these Troops, Not this Time” went through my head, so I grabbed a flag and 3 signs and went out there.

As I approached the corner, there was about 20 of them, holding signs and defaced American flags meant to demoralize our troops will and embolden the enemy.  I couldn’t wait to get there and set up.  As I was walking towards the corner I saw them pointing and laughing at me.

In one hand I had my flag and a “Our Troops Are Heroes” sign.  My other hand held “Proud of Our Troops and their Mission” sign and my foot held the “Peace Protestors Prolong War and Cause More Americans To Die” sign.   I actually wasn’t alone, I had my “ATLAS SHRUGS” t-shirt on…  I looked like 20 people…

In addition, the leftist occupiers took a long march around the block, past all the restaurants and outdoor cafes to interupt the Sunday dinners of decent people and families with their in-your-face divisive political messages.

I took some time to do what we always do, the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a Prayer for our Troops protection and success.   A lot of people were outside and saw me walking home, many said, “Good Job”, one guy came over to shake my hand.   The leftists are hurting our troops and undermining their mission – they think they are funny…..  they don’t know the heart of a Sheepdog.   All it takes is one.


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Thanks to all the Sheepdogs who came out on a beautiful Saturday to show public support for our troops and their mission.  Your smiling faces and enthusiasm is a welcome sight to the majority of Americans who want our troops to be victorious.  Special welcome to newcomer Mike Walker – another great American (he’s holding the “God Bless Our Troops” sign and US Flag).

Photos taken by NeoCon, click here to see more from the rally.

June 23, 2008


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The Military Channel is having a week of shows about the US Marine Corps.  There’s one called “Making Marines Parris Island” which is 3 one-hour documentaries that follows Marines from day one of Boot Camp through graduation. 

We get an up-close view of the special people who choose to serve their country.  We get to hear their stories, their reasons for joining, their hopes, and fears.  To say they are the very best of America is an understatement.

Watching this show will reinforce why we support these great warriors.  To see the training they go through, to see these 17, 18, 19 year olds transform from civilians to Marines is something to behold.

June 22, 2008


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American Sheepdogs were out in force on another beautiful day.  All those flags and signs of support for our military and their mission.  The June 21st rally was a huge success – the honks, waves, and smiles were non-stop, the townspeople appreciate our troop’s efforts and it shows.   Thanks to all who make it happen, week after week.  United We Stand. 

The highlight was when we sing the “Star Spangled Banner” and say the “Pledge of Allegiance”, it feels so good and I swear we get louder each week.  And, as always, we end each rally with a prayer of gratitude for our troops and that they be victorious.  

Special greeting to George who came to stand with us because his brother Mike is in Iraq right now.  (George is holding the ”Thank You Military Families” sign).  George, we are proud of your brother, please tell him that we are behind him and his buddies.   

Also we were happy to be joined by Wayne and Charlie of Warriors Watch Riders (WWR).  We have a great partnership with them and a couple of us were able to join them a “Welcome Home” mission for Sgt Jacob Sidwa in New Jersey.  It was an honor to meet Jacob and shake his hand and say “THANK YOU” to him and his family.  We look forward to participating in more events with the WWR and all the other organizations that support our military  (like “A Hero’s Welcome, Gathering of Eagles, Rolling Thunder, MoveAmericaForward, and many more)

Never again will we let our troops be demoralized and have their efforts devalued and honor stolen by those who undermine and blame America while helping the enemy.  Not this war, not these troops, not this time.

Group and “Captain America” photo by NeoCon, see more of his photos from yesterday HERE.

Email from the Troops

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More email from Our Troops (3,4).  Rich_davis_003

Thank you so much for what you are doing!  Both my wife and I are active duty Navy, my brother, a Marine, recently returned from Iraq and my cousin is Air Force.

We want your support, we need your support. The anti-war movement wants us to come home . . . essentially, they wan’t us to quit.

What they fail to understand is that US Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines don’t and won’t “quit”.  We fight for what we believe in . . . and we believe in a better world.


and this

I just read the news article in the early bird about Protesting the AntiWar Protestors. Let me say Thanks. I am an Afghan/Iraq Vet x 3 and currently serving in SE Asia. Keep up the good work and pass the good word about what we are really doing overseas and how we are helping everyone out.

Semper Fi!


June 16, 2008

Flag Day Coverage By The Daily Local, An Unsurprising Cliche

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I was happy to see that we made the front page of the Daily Local.  To say that I was disappointed with the slant in the coverage would imply that I had any hope of fair coverage of our great Flag Day Rally.

Starting with the title itself – ‘PROTESTORS USE FLAG DAY FOR EMPHASIS’ – I suspected an unsurprising left-wing slant.  Did we organize a “protest” on Saturday?  Or did we organize a Flag Day Rally?  We were there to honor a National Day, we were there to show our patriotism, to show our support for our country.  We were not protesting on Saturday, unless you consider flying a United States Flag a “protest”.

It took me only three paragraphs to realize that this is still Karen Porter’s newspaper.  Because of the six front-page paragraphs about a tremendous Flag Day Rally organized by local West Chester patriots and our partners, fully four of them were quotes by or coverage of the “Peace” protests on the other side!  The final paragraph on the front page was particularly galling to include about a spectacularly patriotic event:

“We’re attempting to continue to raise a voice of protest to the ongoing war in Iraq and to President Bush’s policies of war and injustice around the world which accompany it,” said Smith, who is a staff member of the Brandywine Peace Community.

Nothing like a boring and cliche attack on our Commander-In-Chief to describe a Flag Day rally.  You would think they could at least come up with a more creative and less transparent way to show their true contempt for our President.

I took umbrage to the following paragraph:

Both sides admitted it could be difficult to tell which message the drivers were honking for.

Perhaps someone covering their eyes would confuse the honks, but anyone of clear sight could quickly see the different messages.  I can assure you that no one associated with the Chester County Victory Movement was confused by the support we received, nor were any of the Warrior’s Watch Riders, nor were any of the Gathering of Eagles.  Quite the contrary – we felt that it was blatantly obvious which side supported our flag and our country, and which side is trying to press their naive and infantile leftist beliefs.

It was also interesting to note that they also claimed we had “about 100″ people on our side, when our numbers at noon were over 175, and this was not even our peak time.  We normally get 25-30 patriots to stand on our corner.

The remainder of the article was a tit-for-tat telling of the day.  I suppose the author of the article felt that this was really just the same old weekend in West Chester.  I suppose that he didn’t realize that the CCVM had about 6 times our normal showing, while the “Peace” side had the same old cast of characters.  I suppose he didn’t realize that we had galvanized support from so many organizations and people across the country that we had some drive up from Orlando, FL, New York, and Washington, DC, just to join us.

Saturday’s Flag Day rally was a tremendous and special day.  You’ll have to forgive me for thinking that the Daily Local’s coverage was anything but unsurprisingly tired and cliche.

June 15, 2008

Sign with Legs

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Wow, this sign from our Flag Day Rally deserves attention….    (see it full size here)

Our friend Shooter took a ton of photos at Flag Day, click on his name to view the rest of them.  Thanks for being there and preserving the moments Shooter.  You do a great job and your pictures are valued and enjoyed by all of us.

(Photo courtesy of Shooter of the Warriors Watch Riders)

June 14, 2008

Flag Day Rally, Best Yet – Thanks To All

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Thanks to everyone who came out today – the group shot has 155 people in it, and we had some others in addition to that.  Thanks to Gathering of Eagles and Warrior’s Watch for their indispensable help and turnout.

We had a couple ride up from Orlando (!) to make our rally.  We additionally had people from Baltimore, New Jersey, and from the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania.  Thanks go to everyone who showed up, I was honored to be associated with this great day!

My shots are up and posted here.

Group Shot, Flag Day

…and my favorite shot from the day:

Flag Day


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   To all our Soldiers around the world, we carry the flag you preserve today.  Today is Flag Day and it is also the 233rd birthday of the greatest Army in the world.  The US ARMY! You are the boots on the ground, fighting to keep American safe and free and we salute you.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.  We are awed by all your achievements.  You have been freeing people since 1775.  We are proud to show open and public support for all you do.

  Thank you for the sacrifices you make on our behalf.  You are special patriots driven by a fire in your hearts to protect us and fight back against the Islamic terrorists who plan sneak attacks against our civilian population and our way of life.

  May God bless you and give you the courage, the power, and the wisdom to destroy, capture, and defeat all the terrorist jihadists, especially Osama Bin Ladin.

  Today in West Chester, PA we Sheepdogs will gather to form a huge living Wall of Red, White, and Blue to honor our flag and all those who have served and are serving to keep her flying gloriously.

  Unfortunately, the far-left extremists will mock US Flag Day by carrying anything that will symbolize their resentment of our flag.  Which is the symbol of our country – which tells you how they feel about our country.  It’s a disgrace, led by someone with the disposition of a spoiled five-year old throwing a temper tantrum.

    Nothing they can do will deter our pride in our troops, their noble missions, and our country.  They will only end up hurting themselves, looking ridiculous, like a clown show.  They will expose themselves for what they are – anti-American, driven by their hated for President Bush, bashing him and blaming America at every opportunity, especially today – showing such disrespect on our National Flag Day and Army’s Birthday.

  Thanks to all who will join us today to stand with honor and dignity.  If you’re near southeast Pennsylvania.  We’ll be standing tall at 1 W Market St in West Chester, PA 19382 from 10:45AM till Noon, followed by a banquet at the Knights of Columbus Hall from 12:15 – 4:15 today at 110 W Market St (just down the street).  Bring your flag and stand together with other patriotic decents Americans. United We Stand.

  If you can’t make it to West Chester, please remember to put a flag in the window or on the porch, and say a prayer of thanks for all our troops, especially the members of our Army as they celebrate the day they were founded.

Happy Birthday Army!
To America!
To Old Glory!
To Victory!

June 12, 2008

The “Power of One” in Massachusetts

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A lone Sheepdog stands tall against evil propagandists who undermine our troops and help the terrorists in Massachusetts.  If you live near Greenfield or Wilbraham, please go and join this patriot.  Thank you Richard Sorcinelli!  You are proving yet again, that one man can make a difference, keep it up!     Here’s his comment from “Contact Us”:

Great article in the Wall St. Journal. I too stand out against anti-war protestors every Saturday in Greenfield,MA from 11-12, every Monday in Wilbraham, Mass and twice a month in West Springfield, MA. Unfortunately, many times I stand alone, but you have inspired me to keep up the fight despite the odds.  May God bless you and God bless America.


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