August 31, 2008


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Here’s some of NeoCon’s photos.  See the full slideshow here







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We had another great turnout at our Victory Rally yesterday.  Marine Ray Farrell played his bagpipes for us.  We welcomed a few more newcomers.   Matt was there (he’s a soldier with the local National Guard unit that is getting ready to deploy in the near future).  

It’s always an honor to have our troops stop by and say hello.  And as usual we had many Military Family members there too, including Maria, Mary Lou, Harry, Bill, and Evie, and others.

Everyone was energized and motivated and our singing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer for our troops’ protection and success was incredible. 

Our spirits and feelings were a notch higher than normal, I think it had something to do with Sarah.

Thanks so much to each and everyone of you for being so proud to show such open and public support for our Country and our troops and their noble mission.

NeoCon took some great photos which you can look at here.

August 26, 2008


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Marine 2nd LT Sharon Hyland-Keyser and her husband Army Sergeant Ian (173rd Airborne Battalion) were on the Glenn Beck TV show tonight on the CNN Headline News channel. 

Sharon first appeared on Glenn’s show last Nov 2007 when she was interviewed about her “A Hero’s Welcome” program.  She wanted to ensure that all our troops get the honorable “ticker-tape” homecoming that they deserve.  She gave up a six-figure income job to start the program while her husband was fighting for us in Afghanistan.

She and Ian were awesome on the show.  She looks great on camera, star-quality, and answers questions with poise and grace.  They are a very handsome couple. 

The money quote was when Sharon said (about her service and upcoming deployment) “If we have to go through some discomfort for awhile in order to ensure that our kids can have a better world to live in, then it’s all worth it” ..

The show had clips of her greeting him at the Phila Airport, and showed him at Geno’s Steak’s eating a cheesesteak.  He was greeted by some Eagles Cheerleaders who gave him 2 tickets to the Eagles game against the Jets this Thursday. 

Ian will be honored during the Eagles pre-game ceremonies along with his friend and battalion Medic Jon “Doc” Kromer of Coatesville.  Ian and Doc both just returned from 15 months of combat duty in Afghanistan.  Like all tours during wartime, it was tough for them and their families, full of prayers and anxious moments, and both of them deserve this royal treatment and we Sheepdogs are very happy that they will get a chance to meet some of their favorite Philadelphia Eagles on the field.

Sharon and Ian were interviewed by Glenn on his “Real America” segment and we congratulate them for doing an awesome job!  She also mentioned the great help she gets from Warriors Watch Riders.  I expect you will be able to see a rerun of the show on A Hero’s Welcome website.

August 25, 2008


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Another sun-splashed Saturday on the corner where proud small town Americans who cling to their bibles and guns stood together to show open and public support for their Country and their Armed Forces.

We don’t blame America, we love it and we take the war that’s been declared on us by radical Islamists very seriously, we know we are in the fight of our lives with a determined implacable enemy.

We recognize that the so-called “peace” protestors only use their “peace vigils” as a cover to bash Bush and blame America.  These far-left extremists are hurting our troops and helping the radical Islamists.  The anti-victory protestors are doing the propaganda work of all enemies of America.

Special welcome this week to newcomers Bill and Evie, military family members supporting their hero Army son, Jon – who was also there for the 2nd week in a row.  It’s always a thrill and honor to have our greatest patriots among us.

Again, we had many children who appreciate their country and love to show their honor and respect for our troops (many of them are related to someone in the military) who have volunteered to protect and defend us.  They see the significant sacrifice our troops make on our behalf and we all know that our presence helps boost the morale of all our freedom fighters.

Once again we had a record turnout – at the end we sang a rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner (once again, the arrogant anti-victory side mocked it and refused to honor the National Anthem, instead they screamed and shouted loudly during it and tried to drown us out, this is their form of “patriotism”).  We said the Pledge of Allegiance and closed with a prayer for our troops’ protection and success.

Thanks to all who came out, we never take our blessings or the sacrifices of our brave Military for granted.

God Bless America and Thank You Troops and Thank You Military Families.

See another report and some great photos of our rally at Midnight Blue.

August 17, 2008


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Another incredible Troop-Supporting Victory Rally in West Chester yesterday.  We continue to have huge enthusiastic turnouts full of smiling faces and patriotic spirit.  We welcomed a bunch of newcomers including the attractive faces of several young ladies.  All of them are Military Family members and they came out to show support for the troops they know and love so much.

Pictured above are cousins, Molly, Wil Marie, Christy and Alice who came out with Military Mom Maureen to support their big brother and cousin John Paul, who is a 2nd LT in the Army.  Thanks for standing with us girls!

Pictured above is Jim, a former Army Ranger and his daughter Julia.  Jim’s other two daughters Sabina and Heather were also there – it was great to meet them and have them join our ranks!

As usual our rally ended with another strong rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a prayer of thanks for all our blessings and for our troops protection and success.  (All photos courtesy of Sean)

August 11, 2008


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On Saturday, Aug 9 2008, Sharon graduated from Officers Candidate School (OCS) at Quantico, VA and received her Second Lieutenant Bars as a new commissioned Marine Corps Officer.

Sharon is the Founder of “A Hero’s Welcome” who stepped out of the shoes of “volunteer civilian” and into the boots as an Active Duty Marine Officer.  She is an inspiration to all of us, even before signing up to finish OCS.  For starters, she’s a Military Wife, her husband Ian has been fighting for us in Afghanistan as part of the 173rd Airborne Division and she took an idea to give “every hero the welcome home they deserve” and turned it into a nationally-known program, providing “Hero’s Welcomes” to many returnees around the country.

We were greeted by a perfect day at Quantico, bright sunny, comfortable weather.   The crowd was overflowing to see the largest graduating class in Marine Corps history.

The morning ceremony was a display in the exacting nature of being a US Marine.  There was a single, resounding click when the rifles hit the ground, with not a single second between the first and last.  Each candidate marched in perfect timing with the others.  Their 10-week program built not only officers, it built Marines.

The commissioning was standing room-only, and they had to split it in two.  Thank God for these men and women who are welcoming the chance to fight for all of our freedoms.  Let’s give them the support that they deserve.

(Sharon’s bars were pinned by her father and brother, both Marines themselves.)


August 3, 2008


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Yesterday we began our 12th month of Victory Rallies.  In spite of the threat of rain and a couple downpours we had a fantastic turnout, full of enthusiastic patriots proudly showing their support for our troops and their mission.

Special salute to the 3 youngsters who joined us, Kiersten, Michael and Madeline – you all brighten our day with your presence and smiles and we love your homemade signs and patriotic outfits!

Also special welcome to newcomer Melissa, she’s a proud Army vet, a young mother of 2 young boys and an Iraq War Veteran.  We are always thrilled and honored to have our returning “heroes” join us when they come home.

Also welcome to Al, a Marine veteran who recently finished his hitch.  They both fit right in and made us look good.  Thanks to both of you for your service and for being with us yesterday!

As always we finished with an outstanding rendition of our National Anthem, Pledge, and Prayer for our Troops’ protection and success.

Our Troops continue to give us their all.  They are saving the world.  They are setting the standards of excellence for us.  They dedicate themselves and push themselve – and take care of each other.  And WE are proud to bk them up and recognize them with the support and honor that they have earned and deserve.

To the Troops! To America!

Surrender is not the answer – VICTORY IS THE ANSWER!

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