July 31, 2009


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When not busy honoring our troops (or working), I like to watch softball at Kerr Park in Downingtown, PA.  Congratulations to “Scared Hitless” for winning the 2009 Recreation Coed League Championship.   They played together and picked each other up, but their real strength was their hustle, nobody out-hustled them.


IMG_1925 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 010 IMG_1928 

Sports are a great way to learn teamwork and sacrifice.  Sports are part of the fabric of America and we salute all who take time to practice and play.

No matter what kind of league you play in, it’s always hard to win a championship.    Nothing is as sweet as the taste of victory.  I enjoyed celebrating with the players and friends.   They finished with a 20-1 record and were undefeated in the playoffs.  

They played hard, they had fun, and they played with sportsmanship. 

We’re glad we can play sports and enjoy our off-time and we’re grateful to the members of our armed forces who make it possible.  

Raise a glass to all the sportsmen on America’s fields.  And spare a thought for our fellow citizens who wear the uniform of our great country.

July 27, 2009


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Our troops sacrifice everything so that we can enjoy our summertime and we are proud and grateful.  May God watch over and bless all who serve our country and their families.

7.25.09Rally&Toomey 051

7.25.09Rally&Toomey 053

7.25.09Rally&Toomey 054 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 055 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 056 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 057 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 059 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 060 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 061 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 062 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 044 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 023  7.25.09Rally&Toomey 030 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 029 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 019 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 017 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 018 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 024 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 035 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 043 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 014 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 013 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 020 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 025 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 027 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 048 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 028 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 050 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 042 

After the rally, a bunch of us went to Phoenixville to meet Pat Toomey, running for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

7.25.09Rally&Toomey 067 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 063 

Below is Quentin, a young patriot, and Todd who served in the Marines and is now a police detective.

7.25.09Rally&Toomey 064

Here’s Patricia McCullough, running for Commonwealth Court, she really fired up the crowd with her speech, she is a great judge and a terrific candidate.

7.25.09Rally&Toomey 066 7.25.09Rally&Toomey 069

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to support our troops and America.  See you next week.

July 25, 2009


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Check out this video of Sarah Palin paying tribute to troops in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska and to military families around the country.  Being a military mom herself, she knows what it feels like to have a loved one in harm’s way.  Her son Track is an enlisted man in the Army, currently serving in Iraq.  She gave this speech on July 24, 2009.  Her speech is terrific.

Palin salutes troops and military families.

July 20, 2009


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A Hero’s Welcome and Warriors Watch Riders plus family and friends gave Lt Col Joe Dell’Arciprete a welcome home he will never forget.

First they met him inside the Phila Airport terminal, then the WWR provided a motorcycle escort from the airport to Chester County where they were joined by the East Brandywine Fire Dept Engine 49 who led the caravan into his neighborhood where relatives and neighbors were waiting with a flag line to greet him at his house.

IMG_0014_thumb IMG_0001_thumb IMG_0031_thumb

It was a thrill and a priviledge to meet Col Dellarciprete and thank him for his courage and service.  Joe thanked everyone and told us about the brave soldiers back in Afghanistan who are doing a superb job as they carry out their mission and duty of defeating the Taliban so that the Afghans can regain control of their country.

IMG_0032_thumb IMG_0038_thumb

He said, “The young troops I served with, many of them 19 and 20 years old, are doing an outstanding job and being successful and we must always remember that they are over there and be behind them.”

See more photos taken by the Firemen HERE and by the Warriors Watch Riders HERE.

UPDATE: Below is a message we received from Col Dell’Arciprete

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you that made my homecoming so very special. I am humbled by your generosity, steadfast patriotism, and selflessness. I will never forget this incredible time in my life.

I am honored to have served in Bagram and to have serve with such great men and women who do our country proud! Thanks to organizations like yours I know that their sacrifice and commitment will never be forgotten.

God Bless you, the men and women of our arm forces and especially their families back home.

Proud to be an American
Lt Col Joe Dell’Arciprete

July 19, 2009


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300 motorcycles and 25 classic cars joined us for our weekly Pro-Troop rally. In all, over 400 patriotic people formed an enormous Flag Line supporting our troops and their mission. It was a spectacular event followed by a reception at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Many thanks to Carl of the Delco Cruisers and John of the Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs and all the members who came out to stand united for America, our Flag, and our beloved members of the Armed Forces.  Watch You Tube video HERE  and  HERE.

7.18.09rally 072

7.18.09rally 001

7.18.09rally 023

7.18.09rally 005

7.18.09rally 004

7.18.09rally 006 7.18.09rally 007 7.18.09rally 008

Damon (below) is organizing a “Motorcycle Poker Run for the Travis Manion Foundation” on Saturday Oct 17. It’s called “Ride For The Heroes” and you can get more information HERE. Damon brought about 6 friends on motorcycles to join us. We look forward to attending this worthwhile event for a Hero in Oct.

7.18.09rally 010 7.18.09rally 009 7.18.09rally 011

Many of the bikers and cruisers are veterans or have children in the military. Including this couple, Crusher and his wife Karen. Their son Tim is in the Army. Tim is currently serving in Afghanistan and was in Iraq before that. He’s 21 and been in the service for 3 years. They were glad to be around so many people who appreciate the service and sacrifice Tim is making for our country.

7.18.09rally 069 7.18.09rally 014 7.18.09rally 003 7.18.09rally 012 7.18.09rally 015 7.18.09rally 016 7.18.09rally 017 7.18.09rally 019 7.18.09rally 020 7.18.09rally 022 7.18.09rally 025 7.18.09rally 026 7.18.09rally 028 7.18.09rally 036 7.18.09rally 037 7.18.09rally 038 7.18.09rally 039 7.18.09rally 041 7.18.09rally 042 7.18.09rally 043 7.18.09rally 051 7.18.09rally 055 7.18.09rally 056 7.18.09rally 060 7.18.09rally 061 7.18.09rally 064 7.18.09rally 045 7.18.09rally 063 7.18.09rally 027 7.18.09rally 065 7.18.09rally 066 7.18.09rally 067 7.18.09rally 013 7.18.09rally 018 7.18.09rally 021 

Here’s some of the Delco Cruisers

7.18.09rally 046 7.18.09rally 047 7.18.09rally 030 7.18.09rally 031 7.18.09rally 032 7.18.09rally 048

Wayne Lutz (below), founder of the Warriors Watch Riders spoke at the reception. He told them how his group provided motorcycle escorts for troops returning home. He started out with 200 riders in eastern Pennsylvania and now has over 2000 riders around the country. The WWR does a great job honoring the troops. Wayne says, “Since Michael Jackson died, 28 of our finest patriots have been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, and Congress didn’t have a moment of silence for any of them. Our troops are the real celebrities.” Thanks Wayne, your group does a great job.

7.18.09rally 033 7.18.09rally 034

Here’s 4 Marine Mom’s (Rosemay (L), son Brian is an officer in Tiblesi, Georgia, in the middle is Maria, daughter Sharon is an officer at Parris Island. Maria also runs “A Hero’s Welcome” – a group that welcomes troops coming home. Maryann (R), her son Joe is a Warrant Officer 3, currently on his 5th tour in Afghanistan. Maryann was also in the Marines, back in 1972. The other photo is Mary and her high school son, ED. Her other son Grant is a young officer who recently returned home from Iraq and is currently stationed in Hawaii. We are always thrilled and honored when our military moms join us. About 9 military moms are regular attendees at our weekly rallies.

7.18.09rally 044 7.18.09rally 040

Special thanks to Carl and Slim for organizing their groups to join us. They did a fantastic job.

7.18.09rally 049 7.18.09rally 071 7.18.09rally 073

Our Wall of Red, White and Blue has never looked better. Thanks to everyone for taking time to come out and stand up for our country and our troops.

7.18.09rally 070 7.18.09rally 052 7.18.09rally 054 7.18.09rally 077 7.18.09rally 057 7.18.09rally 062 7.18.09rally 075 7.18.09rally 076 7.18.09rally 078 7.18.09rally 079 7.18.09rally 074

As always, we end each rally by bowing our head in prayer for God to watch over our troops and help them defeat the evil enemies that want to harm our country, our citizens, and our troops.

God Bless America and God Bless our Troops and our Military Families. 

Check out Midnight Blue for more coverage.

July 16, 2009


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Army Specialist Joe Chicoski of Warrington, Pa received a well-deserved “Hero’s Welcome” yesterday at his parent’s home. The 21-year old hero just finished a 15-month tour in Iraq. He was surprised when he received a motorcycle escort home from the Warriors Watch Riders and A Hero’s Welcome.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 010

Channel 3 and Famous Dave’s combined to sponsor a free barbeque for over 50 people who came to celebrate Joe’s return home.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 038 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 037 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 039

Surrounded by his parents (Theresa and Bill) Joe was interviewed by Doug Kammerer from Channel 3.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 004 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 005 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 006 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 007 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 008 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 009

The weather was perfect for outdoor fun.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 018 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 011 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 033

Longtime friends, members from Warriors Watch Riders, A Hero’s Welcome, and American Sheepdogs always have a great time at these events. “It’s important that we honor these soldiers whenever we can because they are the real celebrities in our country” said WWR founder Wayne Lutz. “We want to make sure each soldier gets the welcome home they deserve. It’s the least we can do because its the soldier that makes the sacrifices needed so that we can enjoy our freedoms”, said Charlie Becker of A Hero’s Welcome.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 012 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 014

The staff from Famous Dave’s prepared and served a meal fit for a king. Ribs, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, cornbread, and more. They are fantastic caterers and everybody loved the food.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 015 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 017 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 025

Getting served and my plate… mmmm

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 023 7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 024

Below, Theresa (Joe’s proud mom) and her friend (L), who has a son-in-law in the Marines. We thank you both for your sacrifice. We appreciate the sacrifice of the military families, especially the moms.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 026

Joe with his brother (L) and best friend Ian (R)

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 022

Emily is very proud of her hero grandson.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 031

Below, this is Mary Ann and Joe. Mary Ann was in the Marine Corps. She volunteered to join in 1972 during the Vietnam War. She showed me a photo in her USMC uniform, and she looked very sharp, like a Marine recruit poster. Their son (also named Joe) has been in the Army for 18 years. He is a Warrant Officer 3. He is on his 5th tour in Iraq. “He loves his country and believes in what he is doing”, said his mother. We can’t wait to welcome her hero son home (in the very near future). Mary Ann is a very special Military Mom and said she will come to our “Salute The Troops” rally this Saturday in West Chester and we look forward to seeing her again. Thank you for raising such a patriotic hero son and thank you for your service Mary Ann.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 028

It was great to get to meet Joe, shake is hand, and thank him for his service to our country. He and all his buddies are keeping us safe while they do the heavy lifting. Joe will be home on leave for 3 weeks and then he will go to Germany for a few months.

7.15.09ChicoskiWelcome 030

Joe’s father spoke about his son. I asked him, “What made him want to join the Army?” and he said, “Every since Joe was little, around 8 years old, he talked about wanting to be a soldier. He was the kind of kid that always wanted to do things for people, he always wanted to help them.”
We are so grateful and proud of all he does for us.

July 12, 2009


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Patriotism and appreciation of our Armed Forces is alive and well in West Chester, PA. Our troops give up their summertimes so that we can live our lives in freedom and pursue happiness. We are proud to show them our gratitude, especially at the end, when we all come together to sing the National Anthem and say a prayer for their protection and success.

WCRally7.11.09 023

Our littlest patriots – Madeline and Miles.

WCRally7.11.09 013

We love our military families – here’s 5 Blue Star Moms: Rosemary, Evie, Mary Lou, Mary, and JoAnne.

WCRally7.11.09 018

A highlight was when a young Marine named John stopped by to say hello and he told us, “Thanks for your support.” He graduated from Unionville High School and has been a Marine for 3 years. Next to him is Lee, a Vietnam Vet and Marine.

WCRally7.11.09 033

A happy day for this handsome couple. Mark and Mary told us that it was their 22nd Wedding Anniversary – CONGRATULATIONS! They are proud Marine parents. (son Grant is 1st Lt in the Marines, a Naval Academy Graduate and recently returned from Iraq).

WCRally7.11.09 034

Carl looks good in his American Sheepdog hat and his WWR vest (Warriors Watch Riders).

WCRally7.11.09 003 WCRally7.11.09 004 WCRally7.11.09 010 WCRally7.11.09 011 WCRally7.11.09 007 WCRally7.11.09 015

Vietnam Veterans Bud, Jim, and Lee.

WCRally7.11.09 021 WCRally7.11.09 022

The military moms led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and then we prayed for our troops and for our good friend Trish, who just had surgery for a brain tumor. (Good news! She was able to come home Saturday night. She still has a tough road ahead and she and her husband Craigg and children Quentin and Shanon are all in our thoughts and prayers).

WCRally7.11.09 027 WCRally7.11.09 028 WCRally7.11.09 030 WCRally7.11.09 031

Every week we pass our “Salute The Troops” coin. This week it was given by Howard to Ron, a veteran, who’s son Greg is a Marine 1st Lt, currently serving in Afghanistan.

WCRally7.11.09 032

Thanks to everyone who came out and made it happen! Thank you troops and families for your service and sacrifice.

WCRally7.11.09 006

July 6, 2009


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About 1800 people showed up at Independence Hall in Philadelphia for a TEA Party on Saturday. It was an outstanding event with many speakers including Tim Rice of the Philadelphia Bulletin (who announced that the paper will begin again on August 2nd), Dom Giordano from “The Big Talker” radio station 1210AM, Curt Schroder (PA State Rep) and Herb Denenberg, nationally known columnist and Philadelphia treasure.

To see more coverage, photos, and videos go here to Midnight Blue.

037 028 027

Tom Rice, Publisher of the Philadelphia Bulletin received the Franklin Award for Journalism.


WPHT’s (1210AM, The Big Talker) talkshow host Dom Giordano gave an outstanding speech. Watch the video HERE.

040 041 046

042 044 045

Chester County’s own Curt Schroder, PA State Representative fired the crowd up with his speech, watch the video HERE.

049 055 053

Philadelphia treasure, journalist Herb Denenberg was truly the most popular speaker. His speech brought the house down. The crowd erupted with loud applause and gave him a thunderous ovation. See video of his speech HERE.

056 057 058 059

Final pictures: Independence Hall TEA Party III Organizers Don and Terri Adams with volunteer Paul. Curt Schroder and volunteer Maggie, and a fine statue of statesman Robert Morris.

065 033 060

The Philadelphia Independence Hall TEA Party was a huge success and it was fitting that it occured at the hallowed grounds outside of this historic building. As organizer Terri Adams said, “To me, Independence Hall is the 2nd most important historical spot in the world – the first is Jesus’ birthplace and this building is right behind it, the birthplace of America.”


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Another outstanding “Salute The Troops” rally. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th of July with fellow patriots. We had 5 newcomers. Thanks to everyone who came out to show pride and gratitude for America and our brave members of the military.


022 023 024 016 017 019 021 020 025

See you next Saturday. Thank You Troops! Thank You Military Families and God Bless America!

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