December 30, 2009


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I got a Snuggie and a pair of sunglasses that you wear over your glasses.  The snuggie came with a book light.

They were just what I wanted.

I hope everyone got what they wanted and were able to celebrate with family and friends.  Here’s a picture of me and my daughter Crystal and her boyfriend Rick. The other guy is Vince (also known as “The Real Guido”). He’s famous for being a local actor and he’s often on the Dom Giordano radio show giving movie insights and opinions, he’s in a lot of films and he’s also the uncle of Rick. He’s a great guy and a lot of fun.

Nothing beats family.  

Our troops sacrifice their tomorrows so we can enjoy our todays.


December 28, 2009


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What a great way to learn about the history of our country.  I never knew that Philadelphia had a huge town hall meeting in October 1773 that ultimately lead to the famous Boston Tea Party two months later.  Almost 500 people attended the historical re-enactment.  The weather was perfect, sunny and mild, and everyone was treated to free hot cocoa, cider, and cookies.  Thanks to the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, for organizing the event.

Dr Benjamin Rush, was a Founding Father and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was the key figure in leading the citizens to revolt against the “tea tax” in 1773.  He was born in the Philadelphia area (Byberry) and was a reknowned doctor and scholar. He was only 27-years old when he spoke to the people about why they should revolt against the new tax.

Dom Giordano was perfect as Dr Benjamin Rush. He wore a period costume and was led in a procession by the Whitehall Guard Fife and Drum group.   Benjamin Rush’s leadership at the meeting resulted in the people voting for eight resolutions to fight the unlawful and tyrannical tax.  


We also learned that two weeks after the Boston Tea Party, there was a Tea Party in Philadelphia and 8000 citizens showed up and were able to stop the British from unloading their tea. The British were forced by the Philadelphians to take the tea back to England.



Afterwards, Dom was very gracious mingling with the people and taking pictures. We thank him for all he does for our community at WPHT 1210AM, the Big Talker.



Thanks to Skye for taking the time and effort to preserve the moment on video. Her video is outstanding. You will hear Dom’s speech and learn how this action helped America become a free nation, with liberty and justice where all men could pursue happiness and life.  To see the video on her blog Midnight Blue, click HERE.


Thanks so much to the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, especially Teri and Don Adams for organizing and getting the word out.  It was a huge success and a fun way for us to learn about our country’s first heroes. 

Philadelphia truly is the “Birthplace Of Our Nation”

December 27, 2009


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A driving rainstorm and blustery winds did not keep this stout group of patriots from standing together on the day after Christmas.  Must admit, this was probably the toughest weather we’ve faced since we began 121 Saturdays ago in Sept 2007.  But everyone comes because they feel its the least they can do for our brave men and women doing a job that must be done. They say, “If not me, then who?”  Those in harm’s way don’t get to sleep comfortably at night or enjoy a holiday or even a weekend.  They work 24/7 to protect us and rid the world of the evil that wants to harm us. On days like today, we shine our brightest. People drive by and see us and are reminded that the America they grew up with is alive and well. We represent the best of America and those who made her great. Too often our society is being told by the news, TV, Hollywood, academia, and music that America is to blame and we are bad. We know that Karen Porter, leader of the “Chester County Peace Movement” is an admitted “card-carrying socialist” and “proud of it” – she has several Democrat Committee members that stand with her on a regular basis and that they are fighting to pull the county and the country towards socialism. Our troops fight hard for America and they don’t want to come home to a socialist country. Our troops are doing the heavy lifting over there and we are glad to support them and show them that the America they fight to preserve is the same one they left. Thanks to all who came out today under such harsh conditions. Your support and committment to our victory movement is overwhelming.

At the end, we sang the National Anthem and said a prayer that God bless our troops, protect them, and guide them to victory. Greg, a Marine 1st Lt, who just returned home from Afghanistan visited us to say hello and thanks for the support. He held the flag while we sang and prayed. We are always thrilled when we meet our heroes in person, but even more so today because Greg is a local guy, graduated from Bishop Shanahan High School, his parents and family are regular attendees of our rallies.


Military Mom Maureen was there. Her son John Paul is an Army Officer, a 1st LT, currently in Afghanistan.


It was great for us to finally get to meet Greg. We feel like we’ve known him a long time. Afterwards we went to a local pizza shop for a hot lunch.


This will be our last rally of 2009. It’s been a very good year, we continue to make new friends and grow. Enjoy your Christmas and Hannukah and have a happy, healthy, and successful New Year. 

We’ll see you on the corner of High and Market St in West Chester next Saturday, in the New Year.

God Bless America!

December 25, 2009


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Four days ago, Colin Hanna called me and said, “I was thinking about organizing a Christmas Carol Sing-Along at the Courthouse for noon on Christmas Eve, what do you think?” and I said, “Its a great idea, I’m sure we could get a decent turnout.” So Colin found some carols, he said, “I want to sing carols, not just songs, because carols are based more on the true meaning of Christmas and God’s gift to us with the birth of His Son.”  We had a 12-page booklet made and got the word out.  We were hoping for 25 people, but we got triple that. It was a perfect day, attended by many families with children. We met many new friends. People driving by waved and smiled. At the red light, some rolled down their window to sing along with us. 

 Special thanks to the Daily Local for covering the event with some nice pictures.  To read the story in the Daily Local, CLICK HERE.


Thanks to everyone who came. Our collective voices filled the winter air and it sounded heavenly. Afterwards I had lunch with Colin Hanna, his wife Pricey, and their son Colin, who is visting from Seattle. 

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and lets pray that there be true “peace on earth”, here in America and around the world.


UPDATE – Skye brought her video camera along and taped the end, when we sang “Silent Night”. 

Thank you very much Skye! It’s beautiful.

You can watch it on her blog Midnight Blue. CLICK HERE.



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Greg Kosh of West Chester looked lean and a little tired, but he was finally home with his family and able to enjoy the love and comforts he missed for so long.  Greg is the youngest of Ron (Airforce Vietnam Vet) and JoAnne’s three children.  Greg’s older sisters Nicole and Tamara beamed with happiness and pride as they were able to hug their little brother again.  The only “baths” Greg was able to take during his time in Afghanistan was in a creek. He told his father a week ago, “I was finally able to take my first hot shower in 7 months.”  Greg was up close and personal with the Afghans over there, trying to help them defeat the Taliban.  On one patrol, Greg and his Marines came upon a farmhouse suspected of being a Taliban holdout, the jihadists saw the Marines coming and narrowly escaped. As the Marines search the grounds they saw a haystack that looked out of place.  Hidden within the hay were hundreds of pounds of explosives and bomb making materials meant to kill Americans and anyone friendly to them.  The Marines hard work saved countless lives.   Thanks for all you do for us, we are so proud of you.

With Mom and Dad. And sisters Nicole and Tamara. Cousin Stacey and Nick, and Tamara’s husband Charlie.


Their home was nicely decorated outside and neighbor RoseAnn put a “Welcome Home” sign on her yard.


Tamara greeted us at the door with a cup of hot cider.


Greg’s Uncle Bob is a Marine Vietnam Vet. He’s holding “Hunter”.

Greg’s other Uncle Bob and Aunt. Bob was a Captain in the Navy.

Greg graduated from VMI (Virginia Military Institute) in 2007.  Here’s a photo from Afghanistan, and his father’s Airforce picture.


The kids from St Agnes school in West Chester made a special banner for Greg.



Greg will only be home a few days, then he needs to go back to Camp Pendleton. We are forever grateful for all the sacrifice he and his family make on our behalf.

Welcome Home Greg, you are a hero.  Enjoy your leave, you deserve it.


December 24, 2009


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Yesterday a couple groups were able to join Mary and Mark in meeting their son Grant at the airport and last night his family had an “Open House” so we could all meet him.  Grant, a US Naval Academy graduate, and 1st LT, spent a year in Iraq and was finally able to come home to be with his family.  Because we know Mary and Mark so well, we feel like he is family and we were thrilled to be able to hug and thank him in person.  Special thanks to “A Heros Welcome” and “Warriors Watch Riders” - they were able to give him an escort home in the cold and through the icy neighborhood.  These patriotic bikers and friends shed a well-deserved bright light and honor on all our troops with their flags and motorcycle processions.


Here’s Grant with his proud and happy mother.

With his brothers James and Edward

Here’s some Marine Corps candy, made by Marine Mom and “A Heros Welcome” director Maria Hyland.

A lot of people were able to come to Mary and Marks house including my mom and several other Military Moms and Dads (Evie, Bill, JoAnne, Ron, Donna, Steve) and a Marine Vietnam Vet named Patrick.


Grant’s girlfriend Carly was there too.  They met in Hawia, she’s from the great country of Australia and it was her first time in the United States.  She never saw snow before.


Here’s mom and Mary with Debbie.  Her son Steve is also a Marine in Iraq right now.  He’s a US Naval Academy graduate, and a 1st LT. It was great to meet Debbie, she said, “The Sheepdogs! I love you guys!”


Grant will be home for a few weeks, then he’ll return to San Diego where he will prepare for deployment to Afghanistan.  Grant wasn’t scheduled to go to Afghanistan so soon, but a fellow Marine officer had a family emergency and Grant stepped forward and volunteered to go in her place.  Grant is very loyal and appreciative of his enlisted Marines.  He told me, “When I took command of my unit, I asked the sargents to visit me.  We talked about expectations.”   He said, “Integrity is most important to me. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, and don’t steal, and if you don’t those things – then I will always back you up.”  His Marines learned that he is a man of his word and they are very endeared to him.  We wish him all the best in Afghanistan and we will be praying and thinking of him.

Thank you Grant, for all you are doing for us, our country, and your fellow Marines. You are our hero.

Semper Fi!

UPDATE – You can watch the TV news video of Grants arrival at the airport the motorcycle escort home- Click HERE.

December 23, 2009


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Every 3rd Tuesday, the Exton Diner Family Restaurant hosts a Veterans Breakfast.  Over 100 of our greatest patriots attend.  They come from all over Chester County and beyond.  There are several WWII vets, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and current.  The commaradarie, spirit, and patriotism fill the air.  I went today and had the best time.  I met a bunch of new friends and it made my day.  One of the guys is a preacher and he’s the unofficial “chaplain” for the group. He read us little story of “The Soldier and the Deck of Cards” – how the soldier used the deck of cards to pray.  He said, “The Ace stands for one God, the 2 is how the Bible is divided into 2 parts, Old and New Testament, the 3 is the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and on and on, and how the Queen is Mother Mary, and the King is our Lord, and how the 4 suits represent the 4 seasons, and how each deck contains 365 spots – the days in the year.  He told us to remember our troops at Christmas and we prayed for them.  We also stood and said the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

The waitresses are the best.  They truly love these veterans and treat them like family.


I took close ups of some of the hats.


Frank brought along his Boatswain’s pipe.




The next Vets Breakfast is Tuesday Jan 12.  Get there around 7AM and you will have a delicious breakfast (I had 2 eggs, toast, home fries, and bacon for $3.99).  It’s the next best thing to home cooking in mom’s kitchen.  It’s a great way to share memories and stay in touch with those who helped keep the country strong and free for all of us. 

God bless all our Veterans and their families.

December 20, 2009


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It’s SNOWTIME!  Not even a winter blizzard can keep us away.  This was one of the best rallies of the year. The snow was lovely, white flakes were everwhere, swirling all around us.  A highlight was when both sides got together, shook hands and wished each other ”Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”.  It was a nice moment. We walked over to the Nativity and were joined by Chris from the CCPM, we sang “Silent Night” – dedicated to our troops who can’t plan parties or shop for presents, we pray they have a silent and peaceful night during this holy season.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 080

Our rendition of the Star Spangled Banner never sounded better.  And as always, we finished by praying the Lord’s Prayer for our troops and our country.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 070

 Greta was having a good time (and so was her faithful puppy).

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 059

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 060 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 061

Jim and Ann said hello.

 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 062

 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 063 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 064 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 065 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 066 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 068 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 073 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 074 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 075 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 076 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 077

The Creche is especially beautiful in the snow. So is the Christmas Tree and Menorah.  Take time to come see them.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 082

 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 083 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 084 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 085

  NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 088 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 086

 Thanks to all who were able to come out during this special time of year.

Thank You Troops.  Thank You Military Families.

God Bless America


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One thing great about living in West Chester, PA is that we are only 2 hours drive from the greatest city in the world.  On Thursday I took a trip to New York with my mom, my sister, and my cousin (visiting from Seattle, Washington). 

Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree, 76 ft tall, weighs 6 tons, came from Connecticutt, has 30,000 lights.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 014

Mom likes the skaters and the angels. 

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 021 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 015 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 026

 The most moving part of the trip was seeing the life-size hand carved Nativity scene inside St Patricks Cathedral.  A man from Italy carved the figures, all 20 of them.  They looked lifelike.  The angel is modeled after his daughter, who passed at a young age.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 031 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 033 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 038 

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 034 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 039 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 028

We saw Mickey Mouse, Macy’s Window, Times Square, and had lunch at “Simply Pasta” next to Bryant Park.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 003 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 007 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 002 

Even the pigeons were Christmas shopping

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 011 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 052

We saw New York’s finest too, and we thanked them for their service.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 041 

The food at “Simply Pasta” was delicious and reasonable.  The 4 of us had wine, salad, entrees, and desert for $100, not bad.  The restuarant was packed and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.  Mom loved it.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 044 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 043 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 049 NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 051

On the way home we met a sailor at the train station.  He’s from Albany and is on his way to Newport News, Virginia to get on a submarine.  He’s a sonar tech, just finished school in Groton, CT, and has been in the Navy for a year.

NYC12.17Rally12.19Moms 055

Everyone should go to New York, especially during the Christmas and Hanukkah – its the biggest small town in America and the people really are very friendly.


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The 18th annual Bill of Rights Banquet was at Yoders Restuarant in New Holland.  I sat with Sheriff Bunny Welsh and met many new friends including Carris and Bill Kocher.  The Bill of Rights organization purpose is to remind the world that these are “certain unalienable rights” “endowed by the Creator” to mortal beings made in His image. Bill Kocher is a former Navy Test Pilot and they have 10 children.  I met 5 of their sons, all of them are volunteer firemen and 4 are EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), they are a super family of patriots and first responders.

Sheriff Welsh chats with guests. We sat at the Patrick Henry table.

12.12.09rally&Curts 087

Here’s 5 Kocher sons, their mom Carris and dad Bill.  Great Americans.

12.12.09rally&Curts 091 12.12.09rally&Curts 096 12.12.09rally&Curts 095

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