January 30, 2010


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Freezing cold weather doesn’t keep us inside.  Another huge turnout of regular patriotic Americans came out to show public support for our brave troops and their noble missions around the world. 

Highlights included seeing Vietnam Vet Ralph, Marine Iraq Vet Mark, Sean and his son Ben, Dave and his fiancee. Also special welcome to Steve Welch and his 2-year old daughter Elaina.  You can see Mark’s bulldog puppy “Murphy” (left) and my shepherd puppy “Victor” (right).  At the end, we all sang the National Anthem, led by veteran and school teacher John, and we said the “Lord’s Prayer” for our troops and country.  Nicki held the flag for us, she’s a true patriot and loves coming to the rallies.


Afterwards some went to a local pizzaria for a bite to eat and chance to chit-chat and warm up.


Thanks again to all who came out. Your support and commitment to our troops and country is overwhelming.

As our troops fight the fight for freedom, they are not alone.

January 27, 2010


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A year ago the Marines of Bridge Company B were preparing to go to Iraq. The wife of the CO asked if we could come to one of their drills so that the Marines would see the kind of support and love that they deserve.  We visited them in March ’09 and in May the patriotic bikers gave them a motorcycle escort when they deployed.  Today, those Marines returned home, about 150 total. They were greeted by tearful and happy wives, moms, dads, kids, and brothers and sisters. 




Perhaps the toughest part of the welcome home was for Jean. She’s the wife of the Marine’s Company Commander, Jerry.  But she didn’t get to greet her hero husband because he volunteered to go to Afghanistan and train Afghans.  She said, “This is really hard, I’m so happy for everyone here but it’s tough not being able to see my husband get off the bus.”  She said, “The Marines needed a couple guys to go to Afghanistan, so Jerry and another officer signed up.  We’ll have to wait a few more months.”  Here’s Jean with Marine Mom Mary, her son Grant is also a Marine officer, he’s preparing to deploy to Afghanistan soon. 

The families, they also serve.

Jean presented me and the Sheepdogs with an American flag that her husband Jerry flew over his base in Iraq on Christmas Day. It came with a certificate of authenticity and we will get a flag case and display it with pride.

Thanks to all who came out, especially the bikers.  It was a terrific day.

Thank You Troops!  Thank You Military Families!


Click on these links to find out more about A Hero’s Welcome, Warriors Watch Riders, and Leatherneck MC.


January 24, 2010


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Another huge turnout of regular Americans came to show public support for our troops and their noble mission.  The highlights included Mark, who just finished a 4-year stint in the Marines and is now going to the Police Academy.  Mark was driving by, saw us, and decided to park and come back and thank us. He held the flag for us when we sang the National Anthem.



Another highlight was meeting Cindy and Jeff McCullum. Their son is a Midshipman at the Naval Academy, he’s graduating this year and will be a Navy Seal.  We are always thrilled to meet our Blue Star Moms and Dads.


Chester County Sheriff Carolyn Welsh received our “Support The Troops” coin and said a few words. She told us how she met Marine Mark and advised him to apply for the Police Academy. She said, “We have lots of veterans in our Sheriff’s department, they make great deputies, they understand teamwork and chain of command, they’re disciplined, responsible and can handle pressure, they have all the qualities we look for.” 


Ray was with his wife Tamara and sons Scott and John, and Jeff was with his daughter Nicky.


Mom and Dave, a newcomer from Phoenixville.  Victor is getting used to his fellow Sheepdogs.



The best part of our one-hour rally is at the end when we get together to sing the Star Spangled Banner and say a prayer for our troops protection and success.  Mark is an Iraq Combat Veteran who had his last day in the Marines a week ago and now he has been accepted to the Police Academy, where he will continue to serve and protect us. 

We were thrilled and honored when he spoke to us and said, “I wish all the guys I served with could see you. They need this kind of support. They would love what you are doing.  When I saw you, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I had to come back here to tell you that this positive demonstration of love and pride for us is what we really need.  This show of support means everything to us, this is epic!”


We are happy to do it Mark. As I’ve heard so many times from fellow Sheepdogs, especially on days when the weather is lousy, “It’s the least I can do.”

Thank You Troops.  Thank You Military Families.

God Bless America!

After our rally, a bunch of us went down the block to participate in welcoming home our local heroes from the Army National Guard that recently returned home from Iraq.  They drill and train a couple blocks from our Saturday rallies. See pictures and story below.


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West Chester’s Knights of Columbus Council 1333 hosted a welcome home for the heroes of the Stryker Brigade.  About 40 soldiers showed up for free food and beverages.  It was a great patriotic event and our thanks to the Knights for giving these local troops the kind of return home that they deserve. Patriotism is a core value of the Knights.


Former West Chester Mayor Dick Yoder was there. He’s a proud Marine, standing with Matt, who was a Marine for 4 years and has been in the Army National Guard for about 10 years now.

We are so proud of our Pennsylvania National Guard. Thanks for protecting us 24/7. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting and thanks for joining us at the Knight of Columbus so that we could meet you and show how much we care, not just for who you are, but for successfully completing your noble mission in Iraq.


January 23, 2010


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The leader of the Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) wrote another scathing attack against anyone who isn’t for her socialist agenda.  Karen Porter admitted last September that she is a “card-carrying socialist and damned proud of it”. 


 Several of her regular followers (John Hellman and Rick Davis) are Democrat Committee Members. This group, lead by Karen Porter has been very active in local politics, pushing and pulling West Chester and Chester County towards their socialist goals. 

Here is what she wrote about Americans like you and me, and people who go to tea parties, who aren’t for socialism. 

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision effectively finalizing total corporate control of this country was devastating to democracy – it’s gone, folks. (And where are those hypocritical teabaggers right now? Nowhere to be found, of course – idiotic corporate lackeys that they are – now I understand why they have that pornographic name, “teabaggers”I leave the imagery to you. Let’s just say politely they’re “sucking up.”)

 Anyway, I will circulate every effort (like the one below) I see to change this horrible, FASCIST situation – this is what FASCISM is all about.  That’s all I can say right now.–KP

 This, my dear friends out there, is why WE MUST SUPPORT BARACK OBAMA AND KEEP HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Stop your damned quibbling about what he does and doesn’t do – we need him in there to make Supreme Court appointments IF NOTHING ELSE, folks. So can the left please stop cannibalizing its own now? Can you hear me, LEFT????–KP

Karen Porter claims to be a “woman of peace”, yet she writes messages like this for her CCPM Newsletter.  Its disgusting and disgraceful for a leader to say.   She should change her sign from “Honk for Peace” to “Honk for Insults”.  When will her followers tell her to show some character and class, or do they agree with her?

January 16, 2010


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Another strong turnout of support for America and all that made her great.  Special welcome to Ralph, a Vietnam Veteran and member of the Vietnam Veterans Association and Rick, father of Jeff. The weather was warm and our spirits are high.  At the end of the rally we sang the National Anthem and said the “Lord’s Prayer” for our country, our troops and all their noble missions.


Victor had a good time, thanks to all who took turns watching him. When he got home he fell asleep between my boots.


Vietnam Veteran Richard held the flag for us while we sang and then he received the “Support The Troops” coin.


Thanks again to all who take the time to come out and stand behind our troops, without them standing guard for us, we wouldn’t have the freedoms and liberty that we enjoy.  See you next Saturday in West Chester at the corner of High St and Market St from 11AM till noon.

Thank You Troops.  Thank You Military Families.

God bless America!

January 14, 2010


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Every third Tuesday about 100 veterans gather for a delicious breakfast at the Exton Diner Family Restuarent. The coffee is great, the waitresses are the best. Its a great opportunity to meet the heroes from the past.

Here’s Don, he’s 89 now, was a combat veteran of WWII.


Don was part of the Dixie Division. He showed photos taken when he was 20 years old (in uniform) and 25 when he got out.  He could’ve been a Hollywood movie star. You can see the Dixie Division “DD” patch  on his shoulder.


These vets are the backbone of America, they know the cost of freedom. The next “Vets Breakfast” will be on Tuesday Feb 2, get there around 7AM. If you’re a vet, consider joining them, break bread together and share stories from days gone by and what we’re doing today.

Veterans Are Our Greatest Patriots


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Beautiful weather greeted decent patriotic Americans who came to show support for our country, our flag, our troops and their noble mission. The highlight of the rally was the unexpected attendance of about 10 students from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. They were sent by their professor to interview both sides. I am always happy to answer questions, it would be nice to see their reports. Maybe someday the professor will invite me (both sides actually) to their class to answer questions.

At the end we sang the Star Spangled Banner and said a prayer for our troops and country.


The ”Support the Troops” coin was passed from Fred to Greta.

My dog, Victor, poses with Nina and my mom.


See you next Saturday from 11AM - noon at the historic courthouse on the corner of High St and Market St.

Thank You Troops.  Thank You Military Families.

God Bless America!

January 13, 2010


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Karen Porter, the leader of the Chester County “Peace” Movement (CCPM) continues to mock and insult anyone who disagrees with her far-left socialist views and agenda. Porter is an admitted “card-carrying socialist and damned proud of it.”  (click HERE) and we’re all racists and idiots in her eyes.  Look at the way this “woman of peace” talks about people who don’t like the socialist path that our country is on.


These quotes are from her “Peace” newsletter that she sent in the last few days.

Jan 10, 2010
“Why, oh, why do the teabaggers limit their protests to “big government” instead of camping out on corporate doorsteps? Why aren’t they making “big government” do its job by clamping down on these criminals? Why, oh, why? (I’ll answer that: Because their real white-supremicist target is a black President.)”– KP

“Where, oh, where are the teabaggers and Republicans this morning? Camped out on corporate doorsteps? Marching on Wall Street? Petitioning against Walmart and Bank of America and the mainstream media? Doing lie-ins and die-ins at Goldman Sachs? Protesting never-ending war that kills off their young? Insisting that “big government” do its job? No way….they’re too busy fulfilling their main purpose: Attacking a black Democratic President, which is their main (and only) raison d’etre. Don’t tell me they’re ideological. What ideology? The right continues to leave it to the left (which struggles valiantly on alone in this regard) to fight the real battles. The left has to do it alone, folks – count out the right. They are in the pockets of these banks and corporations and right-wing rich folks. What a bunch of total dupes – “useful idiots” is the appropriate term.”–KP

“I’m sorry – but it’s true. Whatever brain potential they started out with, they have chosen rank stupidity. They will never read this article but will keep on avoiding facts while lying and whining about “death panels” (from Nitwit-in-Chief Palin) and “keep government out of my Medicare” (the rest of the ignorant sheep and corporate-owned useful idiots) - how sad that these people have any say in the public discourse – they are leading us to disaster – and killing people in the process. These people humiliate us in the eyes of the world. If you could just sit each one down and force them to read this article, they’d be crying out, “Gimme some o’ that socialism! I want some o’ that!!” But they’ll never know. Read this and weep.”–KP

Jan 11, 2010
“So much for privatization – we could have told them this. War, sadly, is another example of something that should only be run by governments (“socialized”) – I guess all those “support the troops” pro-war pretenders are for socializing war?”–KP

“Freedom fries, anyone? Oops – another ignorant right-wing mistake!
I’ll rephrase that: Socialism, anyone? I’ll take it.” –KP

She sent this one today.

Jan 13, 2010

From: Chester County Peace Movement <ccpeacemovement@aol.com>
Subject: [Peace] Just how stupid can Palin be? (Doesn’t say much about her supporters’ brains, does it?)
To: peace@lists.wayreth.net

Morning thought:

Been listening to all the reports about the right’s Nitwit-in-Chief.

Just when you think you know how stupid this woman is, more comes out. The book, Game Change, and other reports, evidently, are bringing out all the dirt – she didn’t  know anything about the Korean War or World War II, didn’t know anything about North and South Korea, about the Iraq War, about just whom her son is fighting against in Iraq….the list goes on and on. Plus, there are even new questions about her mental stability. (Not to mention John McCain’s.)

This was the kid who sat in class and never listened. The girl with the cute bod who played basketball but who was totally unaware of the world beyond Wasilla. The Caribou Barbie who knew and knows nothing. Yet she has the far right enthralled – it says more about them than about her.

Did I just wake up in LaLaLand? What’s wrong with the right?  Oops – I know – they are just plain nuts – and stupid.


Karen Porter is a disgraceful leader. She expects world leaders to act civil and have dialog, while she looks at us with contempt and  disparages good decent people. Why? Because we don’t think like her and her followers.  They have a far-left socialist agenda and they want us all to agree with her. She’s okay with people that disagree with her, as long as they do it in the privacy of their own homes.  Don’t dare to assemble or have a rally or tea party or run for office or be on TV or write a Letter to the Editor, unless you want what she wants.

She hides behind her “Honk For Peace” sign. She has fooled the public for a long time into thinking she was for ”peace” and tolerance and acceptance.  She has proven that she is not a uniter or a peace maker, she is a divider, someone who only incites bad feelings and hate.  Her goal is socialism, at any level- national, state, or local.  She has exposed herself. 

When will her followers recognize that her newsletters and insults are the exact opposite of all she claims to stand for?

She should change her sign from “Honk For Peace” to “Honk For Socialism”.  That would be more honest.


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The newest member of the sheepdogs.  His name is Victor, he’s 11 weeks old today.


When I was little we had a family dog named Jezabel. She was great fun and always protected us. I would hold her close when watching “Chiller Theater” on Saturday nights.  I always wanted a dog of my own and now finally I do.  I have to thank my daughter and her fiancee, they bought a female (Layla) and I fell in love with her. Rick said, “They have a boy that looks just like her” so I went and got him.  He was at the victory rally last week and had a good time.


I wanted a shepherd because they work with the military and police. Victor is 7/8 german shepherd and 1/8 sled dog (samoyed), he loves snow.  He looks like a Navy Chief, in his tan khakis and black brim cover.

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