February 28, 2010


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Yesterday’s rally was outstanding. Thanks for the big turnout. We continue to stand together to represent patriotism and the principles our country was founded on. We’re proud to show public support for our troops and their noble missions.

I forgot my camera, but Military Mom Faith brought hers and we used it to take pictures.

The highlight of our rally was the surprise appearance of Greg (above).  He’s an active duty Marine, recently returned home from a tough tour in Afghanistan.  Greg is the son of Joanne and Ron, regular attendees of our Sheepdog rallies.  Greg is home on leave from Camp Pendleton to celebrate his Grandmother’s 100th birthday.  We salute his Grandma, as we all know, warriors begat warriors.  For the record, Greg’s father is a Vietnam Veteran.

Greg is a Marine officer, 1st Lt.  He is so impressed with us and thankful for our rallies that he wanted to take time from his short visit home just to be with us yesterday. 

Many of us know the story of Greg in Afghanistan, he was leading his Marines on a patrol and they came to a farmhouse.  Outside was a pile of hay that looked out of place, they investigated and found the haystack was full of IED making materials, hundreds of pounds of explosives, ammunition, detonators, shrapnel – meant to kill our troops. This discovery saved countless American and innocent Afghanistan lives.  Life for our troops is dangerous and hard, but guys like Greg do it willingly. They say, “I go so that you don’t have to” and “If not me, then who?”

It was an honor to have Greg hold the flag for us as we sang the National Anthem at the end of the one-hour rally.  We sang it loud to honor troops like Greg and especially to remember the heroes who didn’t make it home.

We had several Military Moms with us, including Mary Lou and Faith as well as manyVietnam Vets.  Our troops, past and present, and their families, are our greatest patriots.  We always take time to remember them with a group prayer at the end of each rally.

God bless America, protect our troops and guide them to victory.

February 22, 2010


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Thanks to all the patriots who came out to support our troops and their noble mission while I was at CPAC.  Special thanks to Ron Kosh for providing these great photos.  We have been standing behind our troops every Saturday for the last 30 months.  The troops and their families are especially appreciative of our praise and gratitude.

Our Pro-Troop Victory rally is from 11AM till Noon.  At the end we sing the National Anthem and a group “Lord’s Prayer” for our troops protection and for our country.

Thank You Troops!  Thank You Military Families!

God Bless America!


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Here’s Mary Katherine Ham – a regular contributer to Fox News, most often seen on the Bill O’Reilly show discussing issues and debating against Juan Williams.  She is extremely friendly and was very impressed with what we’ve done with the Sheepdogs here in West Chester, PA.

Monica Crowley – radio talk show host and frequent guest on the Hannity show. I told her she had a tough job trying to debate with Alan Combes because he’s always talking over her when she speaks.

Michelle Malkin was at the Blogger Reception.  She’s been a longtime supporter and friend of our Victory Movement.

Our best friend and supporter is Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

One of the first folks I met was Jonathan Krohn, he’s 14 now, but was 12-years old when he wrote his national bestseller “Conservatism Defined”.  He spoke at CPAC the last two years.

It’s always nice to see Military students at CPAC (or anywhere). I would go out of my way to shake their hands and thank them for their service and sacrifice.


Atlas (Pamela Geller) and Rober Spencer (Jihad Watch) working in Blogger’s Row.

Here’s Beverly from “Band of Mothers”, a good friend and huge supporter of the Sheepdogs.





February 19, 2010

CPAC 2010

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 This year’s CPAC is the largest in history.  Over 10,000 people (last year was the previous biggest).

Dick Cheney made a surprise appearance, his daughter Liz was speaking and she said, “I always like to go over my speeches with my dad, well today, I brought him with me”.  The packed house gave him a thunderous standing ovation that went on forever.  Also, Scott Brown made a surprise appearance and spoke to the overflow audience. 

 If you can’t be here, you can do the next best thing – watch it online at the CPAC website HERE, or on TV on CSPAN, check your local cable station for viewing schedule of CPAC. 

Amy and friends from AfroConservative.

Atlas is here!

Skye (Midnight Blue) is here.


Colin Hanna (Let Freedom Ring) and Christian.

We are having a great time, spirits are high and we are making a lot of new friends. 

Wish you were here.

(special thanks to Atlas for these pictures)

February 17, 2010


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Socialist Karen Porter has become the face and voice of the local Democrat party.  She is making all democrats look bad.  She, and her far-left extremists friends and followers have totally infiltrated and taken over much of the democrat political agenda here in Chester County. 


Among her regular “peace” attendees are several democrat committee members.  When will Andy Dinnamin or Carolyn Comitta tell her (and those committee members) to “knock it off”.   When will the local newspaper and democrat party members tell them to knock off the dirty partisan tactics and fear-mongering that only divide our community and not unite it?  I for one, will do all I can to work together and try to “solve problems” and not politicize them.  The days of ugly partisan politics is over, we must learn to disagree with decency and stop the hate.

Porter is the leader of the Chester County Peace Socialist Movement.  She wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Local where she claims she is “outraged”.   Porter uses her letters to the editors to flail out against those she disagrees with.  All she does is ridicule and demean tea partiers and conservatives.  She calls them idiots, racists, thugs and worse.  She is the Queen of the Name-callers - using the sexual deviant term “tea baggers” to describe decent americans who disagree with her.

These CCPM members and attendees are far-left extremists who have a lot of influence in the democrat party.  When will her followers wake up? 

Here is her letter to the editor in this week’s Daily Local Newspaper, followed by comments she wrote on her newletter to her “peace” followers.  It’s called “Why no outrage over this threat?”

After the press made much ado about nothing by giving publicity (and misplaced credibility) to the flagrant Palinista lie fabricating “death panels,” there’s barely a whimper in the press or amongst the public (including the hypocritical Teabaggers) about a real threat to most people’s security: The Republican push to obliterate Medicare and to push Social Security into the 401(k) land of personal investment doom.

What the Republicans have in mind is taking away, once and for all, all sense of security for all Americans forever. (This takes me back to my teenage years, when they convinced too many uneducated Americans that Medicare was a Bolshevik plot … Americans who now depend on Medicare to live.)

The abolition of Medicare should push all the teabaggers out into the streets with signs condemning the Republican Party … but where are they? And where are all the retirees (and other) Daily Local News readers on this issue? In fact, where are the Daily Local News editorial writers? They should be screaming at the top of their lungs. Is everyone comatose?

While Republicans create crazy and lying arguments about health care reform and pretend to support Medicare as part of that campaign, they are planning the demise of both Medicare and Social Security. Yet, the rest of the world (retirees, people who will retire some day, Democrats, the left, Teabaggers) are so silent you can hear a pin drop.

In the “Roadmap for America’s Future,” Republicans are proposing spending cuts to Medicare that would destroy it, as well as privatization of Social Security.

Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t people in the streets protesting? Why are people electing these lying jerks back into power? Has this country gone completely mad?

Karen Porter
Director of the Chester County Peace Movement

Here’s her comments from her newletter:

Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010
Subj: [Peace] LEFT: Wake up: These people are crazy – fascism growing in this country

The teabaggers are essentially a bunch of crazy, paranoid, right-wing fascists reacting to a bad economic situation – nothing more, nothing less. What is happening in this country is too similar to Nazi Germany – suffering masses reacting to economic disaster national humiliation, and a crazed right-wing would-be dictator (Sarah Palin, a textbook sociopath) – and those of you who aren’t taking this stuff very seriously need to wake up. NOW. I’m afraid it might be too late. Now we know what electing an African-American President brings out in this country: A huge white supremacy movement that was underlying this country’s mass ignorance all along. Nothing more, nothing less. Those of us who thought this country had progressed further than that had it wrong, I must admit. We had it wrong, and we can no longer discount the danger of this desperate, violent movement.–KP

Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010
Subj: [Peace] RIGHTWING RACISM WATCH: Nick Griffin at CPAC

Thanks to Nick (another Nick!) for this – SCARY stuff but no surprise after hearing Tom Tancredo’s and Sarah Palin’s never-ending appeals to the worst in people. The teabaggers, Palinistas, and Republicans have truly sold their souls to the devil (hear me, Pat Robertson?).–KP

And while our infrastructure continues to deteriorate, the rabid right – the Tea Klux Klan – continues to rant about annihilating government, eliminating taxes (forget any repairs and the jobs that go with that work) – and collecting guns. How sick we are.–KP


If Porter thinks America has gone mad or is sick beyond repair, then she really needs to consider moving to a socialist country and stop trying to “fundamentally change” America.  The majority of Americans are not buying what she is selling, she’s in the minority.  Porter and committee members like John Hellman, Nathaniel Smith, Rick Davis, Fred Rothman, Brian McGinnis, Robert Graham - they are only hurting themselves, the more they are the “face of the chester county democrats” the more they help conservatives.  They divide, they don’t unite.

February 13, 2010


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Cold frigid air didn’t stand a chance against the warm hearts of these great Americans who were glad to show a strong public display of patriotism and gratitude for our troops and their noble missions.


The best part of our victory rally is at noon, when we sing the Star Spangled Banner and say a prayer for our troops protection and success.  Thanks to all who came out to remember our heroes this Valentine’s Day.  Our mascot Victor, a German Shepherd puppy, is very grateful to our servicemembers for all they sacrifice for us.



We stand behind our troops, with honor and dignity, every Saturday at the corner of High St and Market St in West Chester from 11AM till Noon.  See you next week!

God bless our Troops and our Military Families, protect them and guide them to victory.

February 7, 2010


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UPDATE – Karen Porter had more to say after Sarah Palin spoke at the National Tea Party Convention. Again notice how Porter uses the obscene deviate sex term “teabagger” to insult the people. She is a contemptable person.

If any of you watched Chief Bigot Sarah Palin’s speech last night to the teabaggers (which I did), it was a celebration of pure bigotry and fear – Hitler couldn’t have done a better job. Every sentence was gag-worthy. I agree with Frank Rich: Our job is to smoke the bigots out and always call them for what they are. And Rich is so right calling McCain “the crazy man in Washington’s attic” – he is surely now “the grumpy old man” of DC, a madness that showed itself most openly when he chose a nitwit for his presidential ticket.–KP

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010
From: Chester County Peace Movement/Karen Porter
Subj: RIGHT-WING RACISM WATCH: Why teabaggers don’t question militarization

This is a good question, posed by Reid Warren this morning – of course, my answer is that they are hypocritical, and they aren’t questioning economics or ideology at all – they are questioning the race of this President – that’s their motive -  KP

Karen Porter admitted last September that she is a “card-carrying socialist and damned proud of it”.  She is the leader of the ”peace” group that has been using Saul Alinsky tactics, ridiculing those who don’t think like her or agree with her socialist agenda for Chester County and beyond.  She and her followers call us “extremists” and claim we are trying to “takeover” republican party. 

That’s ironic, because many in her “Chester County Peace Socialist Movement” are heavily involved in the Democratic Party, including several Democrat Committee members (John Hellman, Rick Davis, and others).  They have had a huge impact on the Democrat party and politics here in Chester County.

Porter wishes our Victory Movement would go away so that we could not counter her socialist movement and be seen in public expressing open support for our troops.  We stand opposite her group every Saturday and we shine like a lighthouse, attracting decent Americans and representing all that is good about our country. 

Based on the things she writes about tea partiers in her newsletter, she must be very frustrated and depressed that there is an enormous patriotic revival sweeping this area and the nation. 

She resorts to the uglist of name-calling, a childish and uncivil tactic.  She constantly uses the vile term - ”teabaggers”.  She is fully aware that this term refers to a sexual deviant act, meant only to mock and demean the people who go to tea parties.  She says we are idiots, racists, thugs, brown shirts, and now she says we are obsessed with sex?  I don’t get that?   She says all this because we dare to stand opposite her and counter her 7-year protests that undermine our troops, their mission, our nation, and military families. 

Here is her latest rant against us, written on her “peace” (socialist) newsletter this weekend.

The teabaggers are a race-obsessed and sex-obsessed group. Sickening. –KP

As this country degenerates into the sex-obsessed-Palin-Brown-right-wing slime, intelligent and moral people like Herbert keep trying to warn us – but is this country listening? I don’t like being pessimistic, but as we watch the depraved right consume this country and plunge it to into the muddy depths, I really wonder if it isn’t too late….–KP 

Maybe one day her followers and fellow “peace” members will be able to get her to stop the ugly name calling and misleading accusations.  She’s only hurting hurtself and the local Democrat party. 

Maybe one day her group of activists will be led by someone who wants to “disagree with decency” and not resort to such ugly names and dirty tactics. 

As a veteran and proud American, I am determined to hold out hope that one day we will all be able to work together to “solve problems, not politicize them.”  The language of Karen Porter does not unite, it only divides.

February 6, 2010


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A blizzard, dropping 26 inches of snow and freezing weather didn’t stop these patriotic Americans from showing public support for our troops and their noble missions.  We understand the sacrifice our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen make.   We know our rallies of gratitude and praise mean the world to our troops and their families.

Above (L to R) is Ron (Vietnam Vet, Blue Star Dad), Ray (USMC), Josh (USMC), and Jim.  Kevin took the photos.


You guys looked magnificent.

The other side had a couple people (above).


Above, my neighbor Fred and his 2 sons Josh and Jeremy work hard to remove the snow from our driveway.  My dog Victor, 3 months old, loves the snow. He’s a great dog and is proud of our troops.


Thanks again to all the Sheepdogs who came out today.  Since Sept 2007, we have not missed a Saturday.  See you next week at the corner of High St and Market St in West Chester, PA from 11AM till noon.

God Bless the USA!



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