May 31, 2010


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In Downingtown, PA, on Chestnut St, across from the Victory Brewing Company is a beautiful park, built to memorialize two brothers who died during World War II.   All you have to do is read the plaque.  It’s speaks more than we can say. 

The words on the stone grips your attention.

 and slowly you notice the details. 

 I guess James and Dominic had a pet dog.  The dog stands guard at this place of honor for his friends that never came back to play.

He holds a basket of flowers in sorrow and tribute.

This is the ultimate sacrifice made by one of many American families so that the rest of us could enjoy our lives in freedom.

We must not waste it.

 This park gives us a chance to sit and reflect on these two boys and their mother and father. It gives us a chance to say a prayer of thanks and remembrance.  I left a flag next to the stone.  This is an appropriate thing to do. Take time to visit a memorial near you, pay your respects, and decorate it with a flag.

May 29, 2010


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We had a terrific turnout and people honked and waved the entire time.  We sang the National Anthem and said the Lord’s Prayer for our troops.  We took time to remember all our heroes who died so that we might live in freedom and liberty.

We were thrilled to meet Bill and Kay, they recently moved to West Chester and stumbled upon us.  Turns out they are proud military parents. Their son Bill is a CWO2 in the Army, he flies Apache helicopters and is currently training for an upcoming deployment. 

Below is Bill, he’s a WWII Vet and was 101st Airborne (“All the Way!”)  He stopped to say thanks and wanted to give us a donation.  Our WWII Vets are heroes and it’s guys like Airborne Bill who deserves our endless love and gratitude.  Behind him you can see Frank, a regular at our weekly rallies, also a WWII Vet.  Their sacrifices are why we won World War II.  If we hadn’t won that war, we would all be speaking German or Japanese.

The patriotic barber Tony, drove by a  few times in his Army jeep, flags flying to show his respects for the troops and America.


Our mascot Victor is from a long line of police and military dogs, today was his 7th-month birthday and he was glad to spend it with so many true patriots.  Thanks again to everyone for taking time out of their weekend to remember our troops, especially those who died while in service to this great nation. 


It’s not the teacher or the lawyer that makes sure we have our freedoms and liberties, its the soldier.

Fly your flag this weekend in remembrance of Memorial Day and all the troops who died while in the service of the USA.



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A beautiful day to stand together in support of our troops and their missions. We were honored to have a good Marine and his Mom and sister join us this week.


Below is Paul, he has a son in the US Naval Academy, class of 2010, and a son at West Point, class of 2012.


Below is Mike, a Marine, he was walking by and stopped to say “Thanks”, he’s posing with Nina, Charlie, and Marine William.


Below is Barb, she was in the Navy and stopped to say hello and stand with us while we sang the National Anthem and prayed for our troops.


Thanks again to all who came out, who looked magnificent, proud to stand together in support of all our troops who have made this country the great nation, leader of the free world.

Thank you Troops!   Thank you Military Families!  

May God bless you, protect you, and guide you to Victory.

May 15, 2010


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Our troops and our country deserve to be praised.  Some people blame our country and troops for why we get attacked by Islamic Jihadists around the world and in our own country.  On Saturdays in West Chester, a large and growing group of regular decent Americans gather to show public support for America and her heroic troops.  Many are veterans or military families, all are patriots.

Nikki, a 6th-grader from West Chester, held the flag for us as we sang the National Anthem and said the “Lord’s Prayer” for our troops protection and success.


May 9, 2010


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We took time to honor all the moms who fed, changed, and burped us. We are especially endeared to all the Military Moms, past and present.  They taught us to love our country, to want to serve it and keep it strong and free.


During May, in honor of the Chester County’s military members, the Blue Star Flag will fly on the Courthouse flagpole along with the American and POW/MIA Flag.  ”Well Done” to the County Commissioners, it looks good.

We were honored to have Ed and Buddy hold the flag for us when we sang the Star Spangled Banner at the end of our one-hour rally.  Ed’s brother Grant is a Marine in Afghanistan and Buddy is a proud member of the 82nd Airborne, he’s also a Vietnam Veteran and president of the Purple Heart Club in Coatesville, Pa.


We always say a prayer for our troops and country. It’s the best part of our weekly rally.


Passing the “Support Our Troops” coin.  Each week we pass the coin from one person to another, it’s our way of getting to know each other and it’s an honor to carry it until the next rally.  Here it goes from Richard (L) to Ralph (R), both men are Vietnam Veterans.  The Vietnam Veterans have been the most passionate about making sure today’s troops are given the praise and gratitude they deserve.

Thanks to everyone for coming out.  Our rallies mean a lot to our troops and their families, they tell us, “Thanks for doing this, it means the world.”

We are happy to do it – it’s the least we can do, after all, they are saving the world.

Thank you Troops!  Thank you Military Families! 

And Happy Mothers Day, especially to all the Gold  Star and Blue Star Moms!  We love you.

May 2, 2010


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Sunny bright weather matched the faces of the large turnout of patriots who came out to provide public support for our troops, their families, and our country.



Our troops deserve our love and praise. No one wants peace more than our troops and their families. 

 Thank You Troops!     Thank You Military Families!

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