November 28, 2010


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We were thrilled and honored to have Greg, an active duty Marine Officer join us while he is home on leave. His parents, JoAnne and Ron, are regulars. Greg, his parents, and other military moms and dads held the flag for us as we sang the Star Spangled Banner and said the Lords Prayer.

These two guys were driving by and rolled down their window, gave us a thumbs up and yelled, “God Bless America!” Turns out they both graduated from West Point last May, one is stationed at Ft Bragg and the other at Ft Jackson. We told them we loved them and were proud of them.

Special Welcome to Blue Star Mom Cindy and her daughter Virginia. Cindy’s son Matthew is in the Army and just got home from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan. Cindy told us that her son and daughter-in-law are both in the service and they have 4 kids. Cindy is typical of our military moms, very strong, and yet so grateful to be around people who appreciate and understand what they are going through as they spend every step of every day, thinking about their loved ones in uniform. Next them is Joe Crescenz, who’s brother Michael is a Medal of Honor Recipient from the Vietnam War.

November 21, 2010


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We took time to remember Midshipman Freddy Eissler of West Chester, who passed the veil two years ago while attending the US Naval Academy on Nov 17, 2008. He had just turned 20 years old. Freddy worked all his life to attend the Naval Academy, like so many in our military, he was an outstanding person. He could speak two languages, was an expert sailor and scuba diver, football star at Bishop Shanahan High School and an Eagle Scout.

He loved his country and wanted to be a Navy Pilot, just like his father. To his 4 younger sisters, he was their big brother, their leader, their hero. His battle brought his fellow midshipmen together and bonded them closer than they ever thought possible. He is with Jesus, still smiling that beautiful smile, still serving. His Gold Star Mother Helene, a woman of tremendous faith, is a pillar of strength as she carries on with Freddy in heaven.

Special welcome and thanks to a couple of students from West Chester University’s “College Republicans” who took time to stand with us. One of them held the flag for us as we sang the National Anthem.

Sheriff Bunny Welsh said the prayer for us. I missed the rally to attend the funeral of my Uncle Pete, a WWII Vet, he was in the Army and saw action in the Pacific where he earned a Bronze Star. Special thanks to Fred for taking these pictures.

November 13, 2010


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Special Veterans Day rally today and we were honored when about 25 patriotic bikers showed up. They looked magnificent as they roared up and joined us. Most are veterans and/or parents of soldiers. A bunch of them surrounded Sheriff Bunny Welsh for a picture.

We are always glad to make new friends. At the end, a few of them held the flag for us as we sang the National Anthem and said a prayer for our troops protection and success.

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