January 27, 2008


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American Sheepdogs Founder Rich Davis

The Chester County Victory Movement started with a simple purpose – to support our troops. With the guidance of our leader, retired Navy veteran Rich Davis, we’ve grown into one of the largest grass roots pro-troop, patriotic movements in the mid-Atlantic region.

Many people ask, “Why do you call yourselves Sheepdogs?”

Basically, there are three kinds of people. First there’s the Sheep – most people are sheep, they are kind and gentle and only hurt people by accident. Then there’s the Wolf, the wolves attack the sheep and kill them without mercy. Often the sheep deny that the wolf exists, or they believe if you ignore the wolf, he will leave you alone.

Then there’s the Sheepdog, the sheepdog has the fight of the wolf but has compassion for the sheep. The Sheepdog wants to protect the sheep and knows the wolf must be confronted.

Our troops are sheepdogs and so are our first-responders (Police, Firefighters, and EMTs). Our name is a salute to our troops and all those who protect us and face danger.

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