February 26, 2009


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We are in the fight of our lives with radical Islam.  One of bravest heroes in this fight is Geert Wilders.  Many Americans don’t know who he is, but they need to find out.

Geert is a member of Dutch Parliament who made a film called “Fitna” – which is an anti-jihadist film and exposes the truth about radical Islam.   See FITNA here.

Because of “Fitna” he has been sued and his life has been threatened.  But he is a determined fighter and an anti-Jihad champion. Recently he flew to England to host a showing of his film, but was arrested at the airport and denied entry, so now he is in America telling his story and showing his film, including to the Senate thanks to Senator Kyl.

It’s pathetic that the British government caved into pressure that his presence would be a disruption.   What is happening to Geert is an outrageous attack against our freedom of speech.

The fastest way to learn about Geert is to watch a couple short videos here, one is from the Glenn Beck show (click here) and the other is an exclusive video from Atlas Shrugs (click here).

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