April 18, 2010


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The Pennsylvania Leadership Conference has been held annually in Harrisburg since 1989.  It’s a great way to meet local, state, and national candidates as well as hear many panels on public policy issues. For the third year in a row the Sheepdogs had a booth at the PLC and it was the most fun ever.

Senate candidate Pat Toomey gave a great speech and was received with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Keynote speaker Dick Morris did a terrific job, his speech was outstanding, funny and optimistic.

Chester County’s Colin Hanna spoke of the values and principles that make our nation great.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburg spoke at lunch on Saturday and was warmly received.

Sam Rohrer, candidate for Governor, outlined his vision for Pennsylvania and his strong conservative values.

National pollster and political pundant Kellyanne Conway (often seen on Fox and CNN) was terrific on Saturday.

I was given an opportunity to speak at breakfast on Saturday and talk about the Sheepdogs and what we do.

Here’s some of the informative booths at the convention, including Let Freedom Ring and American Sheepdogs.


The best part of the PA Leadership Conference is the chance to meet fellow conservatives and make new friends.


 Our exhibit table looked sharp.  Special thanks to Ray for setting it up and to Fred and Charlie for helping to take it down. Thanks again to all the Sheepdogs and patriots from our area who went, this was the best PA convention that I’ve attended. Fun, inspiring, and educational.

Much thanks and salute to Lowman Henry  for all his hard work and dedication to making it happen.  It was a sellout and next year Lowman tells me they will move to a larger venue and be able to accommodate twice as many people.  The conference  was covered on TV on the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN).  Also you can watch the speeches on video at the PLC website

February 22, 2010


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Here’s Mary Katherine Ham – a regular contributer to Fox News, most often seen on the Bill O’Reilly show discussing issues and debating against Juan Williams.  She is extremely friendly and was very impressed with what we’ve done with the Sheepdogs here in West Chester, PA.

Monica Crowley – radio talk show host and frequent guest on the Hannity show. I told her she had a tough job trying to debate with Alan Combes because he’s always talking over her when she speaks.

Michelle Malkin was at the Blogger Reception.  She’s been a longtime supporter and friend of our Victory Movement.

Our best friend and supporter is Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

One of the first folks I met was Jonathan Krohn, he’s 14 now, but was 12-years old when he wrote his national bestseller “Conservatism Defined”.  He spoke at CPAC the last two years.

It’s always nice to see Military students at CPAC (or anywhere). I would go out of my way to shake their hands and thank them for their service and sacrifice.


Atlas (Pamela Geller) and Rober Spencer (Jihad Watch) working in Blogger’s Row.

Here’s Beverly from “Band of Mothers”, a good friend and huge supporter of the Sheepdogs.





February 19, 2010

CPAC 2010

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 This year’s CPAC is the largest in history.  Over 10,000 people (last year was the previous biggest).

Dick Cheney made a surprise appearance, his daughter Liz was speaking and she said, “I always like to go over my speeches with my dad, well today, I brought him with me”.  The packed house gave him a thunderous standing ovation that went on forever.  Also, Scott Brown made a surprise appearance and spoke to the overflow audience. 

 If you can’t be here, you can do the next best thing – watch it online at the CPAC website HERE, or on TV on CSPAN, check your local cable station for viewing schedule of CPAC. 

Amy and friends from AfroConservative.

Atlas is here!

Skye (Midnight Blue) is here.


Colin Hanna (Let Freedom Ring) and Christian.

We are having a great time, spirits are high and we are making a lot of new friends. 

Wish you were here.

(special thanks to Atlas for these pictures)

March 29, 2009


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A dozen American Sheepdogs attended the PLC in Harrisburg this year.  We had an Exhibit Table with buttons and handouts and we shared it with our friends, the PACC (PA Conservative Council).

dsc01757 dsc01764

Ray stands in front of the patriotic mural provided by friend Paul.  It says “Land of the Free Because of the Brave” and “We the People”.  We advertised the West Chester Tea Party set for Saturday April 4.

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Bill Russell (running against Jack Murtha) and Charlie.  Pat Toomey and Judy Davidson.  Rich and Lou Barletta (Hazleton Mayor who reduced crime by enforcing laws against illegal immigrants).  Curt Schroder, Betty, and Bill Russell at dinner.  Sean Carpenter and Bill Russell.  Peg Luksik (running against Arlen Specter and was Bill Russell’s campaign manager).  Dee with Michael Reagan (our greatest president’s son).  Curt Schroder (PA State Rep) and Rich. Final photo shows Dick Armey addressing the largest PA Leadership Conference in history.

March 2, 2009


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The annual Conservative Conference (CPAC 2009) was the largest ever.  9000 people attended, including Sheepdogs from the Chester County Victory Movement.  Here’s some photos with friends, new and old. UPDATE: I’ve added people’s names at the bottom of the post.

dsc01564 dsc01469 dsc01474 dsc01511dsc014481 dsc01462 dsc01466 dsc01476 dsc01574 dsc01514 dsc01540 dsc01560 dsc01498 dsc01570 dsc01541 dsc01485 dsc01523 dsc01530 dsc01507 dsc01491 dsc01490

CPAC is a tremendous opportunity to be around true patriots who love America and want to reverse the socialist coup that is taking place IN America.   Everyone was motivated, friendly, and willing to share their success stories on how to win the country back.  See you next year and God bless America.

Ann Coulter.    Joe the Plumber.    Alfonzo (makes very popular conservative YouTube videos).    Kate Obenshain (Fox News).       Skye.       Amanda Carpenter (Fox News, spoke at PA Leadership Conference last year, wanted a “Sheepdogs” button, started new job at Washington Times).     Ainsley Earhardt (Fox News, she jumped out a plane with the Army’s Golden Knights).     Amy.    Bill Russell with Sheepdogs.    Nina and John.     Marine Jack Lynch (Iraq Combat Vet) and David Horowitz.      Larry Bailey (27-yr Navy Seal and Gathering of Eagles Chairman) with Sheepdogs.      Floyd and Kevin (20-yr NYC cops and security experts).      Fred Thompson and Michelle Malkin.     Andrew Bostom and John.     Atlas and Robert Spencer.      Newt Gingrich.     Jonathan Krohn (13-yr old author, says “Conservatism is Protecting the People and the People’s Rights).    Col Bill Russell (Ret Army, running for Congress against Jack Murtha).     Robert Spencer.    Sarah Palin (Gov of Alaska, hunter, mother of five, Blue Star Mom, the conservative that scares the liberals the most).

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