January 23, 2010


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The leader of the Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM) wrote another scathing attack against anyone who isn’t for her socialist agenda.  Karen Porter admitted last September that she is a “card-carrying socialist and damned proud of it”. 


 Several of her regular followers (John Hellman and Rick Davis) are Democrat Committee Members. This group, lead by Karen Porter has been very active in local politics, pushing and pulling West Chester and Chester County towards their socialist goals. 

Here is what she wrote about Americans like you and me, and people who go to tea parties, who aren’t for socialism. 

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision effectively finalizing total corporate control of this country was devastating to democracy – it’s gone, folks. (And where are those hypocritical teabaggers right now? Nowhere to be found, of course – idiotic corporate lackeys that they are – now I understand why they have that pornographic name, “teabaggers”I leave the imagery to you. Let’s just say politely they’re “sucking up.”)

 Anyway, I will circulate every effort (like the one below) I see to change this horrible, FASCIST situation – this is what FASCISM is all about.  That’s all I can say right now.–KP

 This, my dear friends out there, is why WE MUST SUPPORT BARACK OBAMA AND KEEP HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Stop your damned quibbling about what he does and doesn’t do – we need him in there to make Supreme Court appointments IF NOTHING ELSE, folks. So can the left please stop cannibalizing its own now? Can you hear me, LEFT????–KP

Karen Porter claims to be a “woman of peace”, yet she writes messages like this for her CCPM Newsletter.  Its disgusting and disgraceful for a leader to say.   She should change her sign from “Honk for Peace” to “Honk for Insults”.  When will her followers tell her to show some character and class, or do they agree with her?

September 25, 2009


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The Chester County Peace Movement has a leader that claims she is a “proud socialist”.  She and her followers have been occupying the courthouse corner every Saturday for 7 years dissenting against things they didn’t agree with.  The CCPM leader believes socialism is the way for America to go.

A reader has provided another take of what socialism is.  Lets hope the leader and followers of the “peace movement” read it. 

From: Jim Oleck <jim_oleck@yahoo.com>
To: ccpeacemovement@aol.com; peace@lists.wayreth.net
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 9:58:41 PM
Subject: A Big Surprise from St Paul – Right out of the Bible

When the socialist / communist Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, one of the first things he did was to go into all the schools and rip all the Crucifixes off the walls of the classrooms. 
You see Castro was now GOD.  The STATE was now God.  Jesus was no longer God.
Socialism & Communism are the enemy of Christianity.

Don’t let anyone dupe you into believing otherwise. The socialist have zero regard for the INDIVIDUAL and the individual’s rights and soul. To them it’s all about the STATE and the masses.  Individual freedoms are not to be considered in a socialist society.  The individual can be sacrificed for the masses. They can take your money, they can take your freedom, they can even take your life etc… This is probably why the socialist dems approve of abortion.  The baby’s individual right to life means nothing.  It’s all about what the State deems is good for the MASSES.  

The democrats like to use the Bible when it supports their socialist welfare agenda. The problem is, the Bible does not support their socialist welfare agenda.
It appears this welfare debate was going on in the early Church some 2,000 years ago.  St Paul had a problem with the early Church.  Most of the people of the early Church thought Jesus was coming back any day, so some of the people decided to get lazy and let the other people in the community support them until Jesus came back. The workers finally got fed up with the lazy people of the community mooching off of them, and they approached St Paul with the dilemma. St Paul’s response is in verses 8 – 10 below.
You see, having able-bodied people live off the work of others is NOT social justice, it’s EXTORTION. Jesus would not support extortion. Jesus wants us to be charitable and the Church is one of the most charitable organizations on earth, but the Church does not support socialism.  Socialism is the enemy of religion.  Socialist / Communist countries do everything they can to get God out of Society, because they want a State-Run Society.  And socialism does not consider the INDIVIDUAL, it considers what is good for the masses. 

With the socialist mentality, individual freedom & the individual soul means NOTHING. The State & what the State wants means everything. So if the State wants to take from people who have money & give it to people who don’t have money, then they just extort it, because it’s not the individual’s money to keep – it’s the States  money to spend. This is nonsense.

Jesus would not agree that you force people who work hard to give their hard earned money to able-bodied people who do not work.

People should give as individuals of their own will, not at the will of the State. 

Christianity doesn’t mean you let other people abuse you.  It means that you believe that Jesus Christ is God and that Jesus died for your sins, so that you have a chance at heaven and eternal life.  The individual spends their own money as they see fit & we spend it very well, because church charities does more good around the world than any other organization. Socialism is not to be confused with Christianity.  Socialism is the enemy of Christianity. Read below for proof (in bold letters).  This same problem was going on over 2,000 years ago.  Some things never change and it seems that people never change either:
2 Thessalonians Chapter 3
8 nor did we eat food received free from anyone. On the contrary, in toil and drudgery, night and day we worked, so as not to burden any of you.
9 Not that we do not have the right. Rather, we wanted to present ourselves as a model for you, so that you might imitate us.
10 In fact, when we were with you, we instructed you that if anyone was unwilling to work, neither should that one eat.

I’ve read in several of Karen Porter’s newsletters that “Facism will appear with the Flag and the Cross”.   In the past, we’ve seen signs mocking people of faith and calling them facists.  To us on the victory side of the street, the US flag represents the best of America.  When the oppressed see a US flag on a navy ship, or on a soldier’s uniform, they feel relieved, they feel hope,  they see freedom.  The other side defaces it by putting a “peace symbol” where the stars should be.  

Porter might be proud to say she is for socialism.

But people on my side disagree with that.  We’re for lower taxes and smaller government. We believe in the free enterprise system.  We want a strong national defense.   We want to drill here, drill now.   Most of America is against abortion, especially if its government funded.  And we don’t want bailouts and government takeovers of businesses like car companies.

Many of us are veterans and we have nine military moms (and dads) who come to our rallies on a regular basis.  We are proud of our faith and in the US Constitution.  Our founding fathers wrote the US Constitution based on Judeo/Christian values and a capitalistic system. 

And we will always praise and be grateful of our troops, and their families, and not undermine them or their efforts, especially while radical  jihadists around the world, and even here in the United States, are trying to kill us and them.

September 24, 2009


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Earlier this month Karen Porter, the head of the Chester County Peace Movement, wrote a newsletter to her readers where she proudly admits, “I am a socialist and damn proud of it.” 

porter porter porteryell
Porter and her group (Chester County Peace Movement) have been coming to the courthouse corner in West Chester every Saturday for the past 7 years.  They stand on the other side of the street from us.

After all these years and much publicity in the local paper, she finally decided to reveal that she is a socialist.

Her letter speaks for itself.  Here it is in it’s entirety:


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 17:58:49 -0400
From: ccpeacemovement@aol.com
Subject: Proud to be a card-carrying socialist. Ya got a problem with that?
To: peace@lists.wayreth.net

Note to local right-wing-nuts: I’m told that you copy and paste my e-mails into your websites (I don’t have time to look). I hope you’ll copy and paste this e-mail and send it far and wide – because I want to stand up right now and say I’m a socialist, and I invite your readers to join me! I want your youth in particular to see there’s a voice of reason in this wilderness? – and the more you distribute my writing, the more folks will see it. And some of them, trust me, will wake up.–Karen Porter

Recently the words, “socialism” and socialist” have been vilified by the right-wing fanatics to the point that I can’t just sit back and listen to this any more without speaking up and standing up:

I’m a socialist and damned proud of it. A card-carrying socialist. So you can yell “socialist” all you want at me, and I’ll hold my head even higher. It’s time for all of us socialists to stand up, speak out, be counted…and to grow a pair.

My Social Security card was my first socialist membership card.

I haven’t yet earned my Medicare socialist card yet, but it’s coming soon – and I’ll be damned proud to carry it.

I have been a lifelong Christian, and my religion makes me a socialist because Jesus Christ was one of the greatest socialists of all time. (He would deplore capitalism, which stands for everything He was against.) So I was born a socialist when I was born a Christian. I couldn’t have been anything else.

I confirmed my socialism when I got my Social Security card, and my renewed commitment comes up with the Medicare card.

Aside from being born into socialism and appreciating it, I also renewed my socialist vows when I read Michael Harrington’s (another socialist) The Other America when I was 18. I didn’t realize that I was part of that “other” America (in Appalachia) till then – and I also didn’t realize what scum the other “other America” was – those blood-sucking capitalist pigs.  I realized then that my answer to “What would Jesus do?” was that he would fight the people sucking the life out of the rest of us – the military industrial complex.

I simply do not believe in unbridled capitalism. Never have, never will. Since Reagan’s 1980s selfish-fest, this country has been on a downward slide into a very sick, cannibalistic form of capitalism that is eating us all alive – and I refuse to be part of it by saying nothing about it.

I believe that small businesses are a good thing – so I guess that means I favor a “mixed” economic system. The kind that creates unparalleled happiness in places such as Norway. But I also believe in strong controls that keep small and medium-sized businesses from getting out of control and sucking the life out of the rest of us – which is the situation we have in this country today. So I believe in much stronger government regulation of business than we have now. Corporations are raping us all and throwing our mangled bodies in a ditch.

I prefer that our country be controlled by people I elect rather than by corporate boards that I have no say about.

I also prefer that our counry be controlled by people we the people can fire rather than corporate chieftains that we have no say about.

I also prefer that our country follow the Constitution as it was written, not as some people wish it would be.

I appreciate our country’s socialist workers’ compensation system that protects us all.

I appreciate our socialist unions that protect workers’ rights.

I appreciate our socialist worker safety system.

I appreciate our socialist healthcare systems (Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’ healthcare, Social Security disability, to name a few).

I appreciate our socialist system of making sure my food, water, air, transportation, and medicines are safe.

I appreciate our socialist public education systems.

I appreciate our socialist subsidies for farmers.

I appreciate our socialist system of guarding against discrimination on the job, in housing, in education, and in many other facets of life.

I appreciate all our other socialist systems that corporate moguls can’t take away from us.

I appreciate all these socialist systems because WE THE PEOPLE control them – not greedy pigs on corporate boards and in corporate offices over whom we have absolutely no say whatsoever.

Ya got a problem with that?


Note: I repeat -right-wing-nuts, please copy and paste this e-mail and send it far and wide – because I want to stand up right now and say I’m a socialist, and I invite your readers to join me! I want your youth in particularto see there’s a voice of reasonin this wilderness – and the more you distribute my writing, the more folks will see it. And some of them, trust me, will wake up.–Karen Porter

Karen Porter, Esq., Director
The Chester County Peace Movement, P.O. Box 1502, West Chester, PA 19380-1502;
Someday, when my great-grandchildren ask, “Why didn’t someone try to stop the madness?” I hope my son and my grandchildren can answer, “Your great-grandmother tried, with all her heart.”

“The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.–Ted Kennedy
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep; but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. -Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”



Note to Karen – If you don’t like America, why don’t you move?  There are plenty of socialist countries to choose from. North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, China, Cuba – take your pick.  Nothing is stopping you. I’ll even take up a collection for you.  I’m sure they would welcome a peacemaker like you with open arms.

April 22, 2009


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Below are excerpts from the Communist Party USA website.  It’s chilling how familiar it is.

 (from Politics 1 website)  As for issues, the Comunist Party USA calls for free universal health care, free college education, huge tax hikes for corporations and the wealthy, drastic cuts in military spending, massive public works programs, the outlawing of “scabs and union busting,” public ownership of energy and basic industries, and various other programs designed to “beat the power of the capitalist class … and promote anti-imperialist freedom struggles around the world.”

Here’s more from the Program of the Communist Party USA website:
We, the working people of the United States, face tremendous problems today: exploitation, oppression, racism, sexism, a deteriorating environment and infrastructure, huge budget deficits, and a government dominated by the most vicious elements of big capital and its political operatives. This government, despite its rhetoric about making Americans safe, has wasted hundreds of billions on the invasion and occupation of Iraq while it cut money for maintaining the levees—leading directly to the disaster that Hurricane Katrina wreaked on the people of New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast. Their callous disregard for African Americans, for poor people, for the elderly, and for all those unable to evacuate on their own exemplifies their inhumane disregard for the lives of all working people.
We as a country face serious choices: militarism and imperialism or peace, increased wealth for the few or justice and equality for the many, increased power in the hands of the super-rich or expansion of democracy for the vast majority, ultra-right domination of all branches of government which deals with problems by increasing exploitation and oppression or progressive electoral coalitions that seek real solutions in the interests of all working people.
The working class and all who work for a living—the vast majority of the people—face a relentless, vicious, and amoral enemy: the capitalist class.
Their foremost weapon to maintain their dominance is racism, used to divide working people and achieve extra profits. They work hard to extend ultra-right control over the government and government policy.

February 9, 2009


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Vietnam Vet Tony Oleck wrote a letter last week criticizing Obama.  Karen Porter, director of the far-left CCPM, wrote an emotion-filled letter that was published today complaining about criticism directed at Obama. Here’s her letter, followed by Tony’s response.

It’s only been two weeks

If the issues this country faces weren’t so catastrophic, I could laugh out loud every time I read a letter in your newspaper castigating President Obama for not being able to put this country on a perfect course overnight (well, no, not overnight — two weeks after taking office). I reference here, “Rocky start for Obama’s ‘change’” in your Feb. 5 paper.

It takes a lot of chutzpah, sheer nerve, and downright gall to criticize President Obama while totally forgetting (and taking no responsibility for) who brought us this mess in the first place — the very ones yelling their self-righteous criticism the loudest. How dare they?

How can they whine endlessly, attacking President Obama’s two-week-old administration after the disastrous mess these very people voted into office twice and tolerated, and fabricated excuses for, for eight years?

Letters criticizing President Obama could be amusing — if they weren’t so pitifully absurd.

Karen Porter West Goshen

Tony sent a response to the Daily Local.  Hopefully it will get published.

Criticism is Factual not Pitiful

On Feb.9th Karen Porter criticized my letter…”Rocky start for Obama’s Change”. She says it takes a lot of chutzpah, sheer nerve, and downright gall to criticize President Obama while totally forgetting who brought us this mess in the first place. She also indicates I unfairly expect Obama to fix this financial mess within weeks of his inauguration.  I would like to address Ms. Porter’s concerns about my criticism (which she calls pitiful) of our new President.

First of all Ms. Porter needs to delve a little deeper than the “talking points” when addressing who “brought us this mess in the first place”.  This mess, Ms. Porter, was years and years in the making and it was at first the product of government sponsored social tinkering.  It started with laws that were changed to allow welfare checks to be used as income verification for mortgages. It came to blossoming crescendo with the liberal left pushing subprime loans via Fanny and Freddy Mac in an effort to social engineer housing for everyone.  John McCain co authored a Bill that expressed concerns and demanded tighter regulation on the Democrat “piggy banks” known as Fanny and Freddy.  There is a You Tube video of the hearings and if you Google it you can listen to  your favorite Democrats giving their support to those two failing institutions.  Chris Dodd, who got VIP mortgage treatment, Barney Frank who had a “partner” at the institutions and countless other Democrats are ALL on record in blazing color telling Senator McCain the institutions were strong and needed no further regulation.  If you remember Karen, they failed shortly afterward….and the crisis begins.  There was Wall Street greed and abuse for sure, and Greenspan left interest rates too low for too long, there is blame to go around. But make no mistake Ms. Porter, the root cause of the problem was a housing deck of cards because of liberal  intervention, and the cards came tumbling down. I know it’s easier for you to blame it all on Bush but do yourself a favor Karen and dig a little deeper.

As far as my expectations for President Obama?  I did not expect him to fix this mess in his first three weeks in office, although given the Messianic hope you and others were spouting could you blame me for thinking he might walk on water?

No, Ms. Porter what I expected was some plain old fashion LEADERSHIP.  Obama delegated our response to the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression to none other than Nancy Pelosi.  Would it have been too much to ask him to set the parameters for what he wanted to see in this bill?  A Bill that would reflect some of what he was selling us during the campaign?  A good CEO, a strong leader would have given the Speaker of his Democrat controlled House some firm direction. Instead he delegated like a good community organizer would….and you know full well how this Bill was crafted. Nancy Pelosi was like a kid in a liberal candy shop.  The Bill is full of “Pelosi pork”….she did not allow Republican input but after the Bill was completed Obama invited the Republicans to dinner.  No legislative input mind you just the façade of bipartisanship. My letter appropriately criticizes Obama for lack of leadership; for lack of bipartisanship for accepting a Bill that lacks serious focus and is just more of the same liberal solutions. Obama said during the election that he wanted to reduce ineffective government…now he’s expanding it.  This Bill also lacks a heavy dose of what has worked in the past….tax cuts, business and personal.  Capital gains cuts, corporate tax cuts…..do yourself another favor Karen and go back and see what JFK did to stimulate the economy during his presidency…..you will find it has NOTHING in common with the Pelosi Pork Bill….Obama is beginning to look a lot more like Jimmy Carter than JFK.

Anthony J Oleck
Kennett Square, PA.

December 17, 2008

ATHEISTS MOCK CHRISTMAS IN WEST CHESTER, PA. Shame on County Commissioners Carol Aichele, Terence Farrell, and Kathi Cozzone.

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Once again the weak Chester County Commissioners have allowed a group of atheists to mock Christmas at the County Courthouse in West Chester, Pa.


The commissioners allow it to be just a few feet from the Nativity. They allow the atheists to put 10 spotlights around it, drawing all the attention at night (from 5PM till next morning).  Taxpayers pay the electric bill. Also, special interest groups should not be allowed to advertise their website on public property like they did via the white banners hanging down on the display.


The atheist display towers over the modest Nativity creche.  Shame on Carol Aichele, Terence Farrel, and Kathi Cozzone -they showed pathetic judgement.  According to the Daily Local newspaper, they refuse to answer questions regarding this display.  Maybe they don’t care about it because they don’t live near the courthouse and don’t have to see it lit up for 14 hours every day?  Maybe they should all be replaced next election?


Christmas is a National Holiday and like any national holiday; ie: Martin Luther King Day, it is perfectly appropriate to display posters, pictures, statues, etc. of Dr King to help celebrate and remember the reason for the holiday.  Same with Dec 25th, the Nativity scene is an appropriate display to remember why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. 

It’s a shame the atheists feel compelled to make this type of public mean-spirited attack against Christmas. It’s a bigger disgrace that Aichele, Farrell, and Cozzone did not fight to keep Christmas from being publicly mocked.  It’s a slap in the face against people of all faiths that recognize and enjoy the Christmas season.  We need commissioners that are strong, not irresponsive and careless, if someone is going to sue the county over Christmas, it’s a fight they should take. 

Long live Christmas!  Shame on those who mock it and those who allow it to be mocked.

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