May 6, 2011


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I attended the annual Chester County Prayer Breakfast at the Desmond Conference Center in Malvern, PA. It was outstanding, about 400 people attended.

Scriptures were read for specific subjects, then each table took a few minutes to reflect on them and say prayers aloud.

The subjects were:
Elected Officials
First Responders
The Media

The keynote speaker was Mr Ed Herr, the President of Herr Foods. He was terrific, very spiritual man. He gave everyone a booklet called “Chips of Wisdom”. Its a pocket size book, 94-pages, full of wisdom and passages from the Book of Proverbs. I highly recommend this annual breakfast and would encourage people to go next year.

My favorite quote from Mr Herr’s speech was, “Anxious hearts are very heavy, but a word of encouragement does wonders.” — Proverbs 12:25

December 31, 2010


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2010 was an amazing year, we had many accomplishments and uplifting experiences and a couple very sad notes, including saying good-bye to Frank, our WWII veteran and most popular Sheepdog, we still miss him. The entire town felt the loss of West Chester resident Sgt Louis Fastuca in Afghanistan.

The rallies in Jan and Feb were the coldest and windiest since we began in 2007. We held 2 fundraisers and raised $3000 for the Michael Horrocks statue at West Chester University. The Classic Car Owners and Patriotic bikers gave us another huge turnout in the summer. One of our most popular Blue Star Families, Mary and Mark Wilson, moved to Colorado. We got a mascot, Victor. Took part in welcoming home many of our American Heroes. Our table at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference was very popular. We went to Freedom Concert in New Jersey, visited Fort Dix several times and went to New York City to take part in the “No Mosque at Ground Zero” rallies in June and September. We made many new friends, especially new Military Family Members and College Republicans from West Chester University. Found out that Bible Baptist Church in West Chester has the best Veterans Day tribute in the country. Mailed care packages to our troops for Christmas. Combined with the folks on the other side of the street to collect food for the Salvation Army. Shook hands and said thanks to many of our troops and their families at our rallies. We kept our string of consecutive Saturday pro-troop rallies alive.

2010 was our strongest year, we grew in attendence and character. Expectations for 2011 are high, we will continue grow and show public support, pride, and appreciation for our troops. Thanks to all of you for your support and commitment.

Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year, may our troops be successful in all they do, they are the best of us.

(will add more pictures later)

September 13, 2010


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The cover of the program sold at Saturday’s WCU football game. Looks a lot like the statue, the sculptor did a great job.

Here’s Jane’s terrific video of the bagpipers leading the parade into the ceremony, it’s real good, click HERE.

There are several outstanding newspaper articles and videos about Mike Horrocks Day in West Chester on Saturday 9/11.

One article focused on Mike’s relationship with his daughter, it’s excellent.

“It was a quick phone call between father and daughter, with the 9-year-old lamenting that she didn’t want to get out of bed, didn’t want to go to school. But United Airlines co-pilot Mike Horrocks had a way of getting his daughter, Christa, going. After a few kind encouragements, she decided school wouldn’t be so bad. Then came the last words they would ever share: “I love you up to the moon and back,” he told her.”

Christa’s memories of her father seem perpetually locked on the good times surrounding the Labor Day weekend before the attack. The family was boogie-boarding at the New Jersey shore. She was in the fourth grade. The seas were rough. He was gentle.
“He would pull the board forward so I would not get swept under the waves,” she said. “I think that’s a good example of how he was with everything. He just wanted to make sure we were taken care of and were having fun in everything we were doing.”

“Every decision I make, I try to think what he would do,” she said.

Click HERE to read more.

To read the Philadelphia Inquirer articles click HERE and HERE

Here’s a couple videos of the three Marine C-130 planes that did a flyover of the football field right before kickoff.
The first one was taken by Betsy, who attended both our rally and the ceremony with her husband and 3 young children.
Betsy’s Video

Video Two

Video Three

DONATIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS may be still made to the Michael Horrocks Scholarship Fund. The teammates have raised about $150,000 for the endowment. The goal is $500,000.

Checks can be sent to:
West Chester Athletic Dept
PO Box 541
West Chester, PA 19381

(payable to “WCU FOUNDATION” and write “HORROCKS SCHOLARSHIP” on the MEMO line)

For information, email or call Kris Graves at the WCU Foundation at 610-436-2557

January 24, 2010


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West Chester’s Knights of Columbus Council 1333 hosted a welcome home for the heroes of the Stryker Brigade.  About 40 soldiers showed up for free food and beverages.  It was a great patriotic event and our thanks to the Knights for giving these local troops the kind of return home that they deserve. Patriotism is a core value of the Knights.


Former West Chester Mayor Dick Yoder was there. He’s a proud Marine, standing with Matt, who was a Marine for 4 years and has been in the Army National Guard for about 10 years now.

We are so proud of our Pennsylvania National Guard. Thanks for protecting us 24/7. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting and thanks for joining us at the Knight of Columbus so that we could meet you and show how much we care, not just for who you are, but for successfully completing your noble mission in Iraq.


December 28, 2009


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What a great way to learn about the history of our country.  I never knew that Philadelphia had a huge town hall meeting in October 1773 that ultimately lead to the famous Boston Tea Party two months later.  Almost 500 people attended the historical re-enactment.  The weather was perfect, sunny and mild, and everyone was treated to free hot cocoa, cider, and cookies.  Thanks to the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, for organizing the event.

Dr Benjamin Rush, was a Founding Father and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was the key figure in leading the citizens to revolt against the “tea tax” in 1773.  He was born in the Philadelphia area (Byberry) and was a reknowned doctor and scholar. He was only 27-years old when he spoke to the people about why they should revolt against the new tax.

Dom Giordano was perfect as Dr Benjamin Rush. He wore a period costume and was led in a procession by the Whitehall Guard Fife and Drum group.   Benjamin Rush’s leadership at the meeting resulted in the people voting for eight resolutions to fight the unlawful and tyrannical tax.  


We also learned that two weeks after the Boston Tea Party, there was a Tea Party in Philadelphia and 8000 citizens showed up and were able to stop the British from unloading their tea. The British were forced by the Philadelphians to take the tea back to England.



Afterwards, Dom was very gracious mingling with the people and taking pictures. We thank him for all he does for our community at WPHT 1210AM, the Big Talker.



Thanks to Skye for taking the time and effort to preserve the moment on video. Her video is outstanding. You will hear Dom’s speech and learn how this action helped America become a free nation, with liberty and justice where all men could pursue happiness and life.  To see the video on her blog Midnight Blue, click HERE.


Thanks so much to the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, especially Teri and Don Adams for organizing and getting the word out.  It was a huge success and a fun way for us to learn about our country’s first heroes. 

Philadelphia truly is the “Birthplace Of Our Nation”

December 20, 2009


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On December 14, Curt Schroder held a “Kickoff Rally” as he runs for Congress.  The turnout was overwhelming, standing room only.  People filled every table, and 10 more tables were brought out and still the crowd lined the sides and back.  There was lots of food and terrific speakers featuring Colin Hanna, Bob Walker, and more.  Curt’s speech was electrifying, the crowd roared with enthusiasm and delight.  Curt is a champion, he’ll fight for the people, he’ll make government work for the people.  He’s committed to lower taxes, smaller government, and strong national defense. He spends time with the people, he knows us and we know him.  He has the experience, principles, integrity, courage, and values that we need in Washington.

Visit his website to learn more

12.12.09rally&Curts 073 12.12.09rally&Curts 069 12.12.09rally&Curts 074

12.12.09rally&Curts 060 12.12.09rally&Curts 084


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Dan Sutter is a West Chester University student, he also happens to be in the National Guard and Army ROTC program.  He’s a great young man and he married his highschool sweatheart a few months ago.  He was a finalist for Soldier of the Year.  He loves the way we honor our troops and on his own, made a nice brochure describing us and what we do in West Chester every week.  Thanks Dan!

Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 073

Paul Eismann works for a graphics company in Philadelphia.  He loves what we do and provided us with a beautiful 10′ x 8′ patriotic mural that we use at dinners and events. His office is a shrine to his favorite American Heroes, among them are his Army father and his brother who was an Army paratrooper.  He also has mememtos of troops, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sarah Palin, and Revolutionary Soldiers. He has a 15′ Statue of Liberty in his backyard.  Paul is, without a doubt, one of the most patriotic people in the country.

Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 016 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 058 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 049 

Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 054 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 043 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 003

Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 005 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 007 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 008 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 024 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 023 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 026 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 027 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 053 Paul.Willow Grove12.11.09 028

Paul has sent 3 murals (10′ x 8′) to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He had them signed by firemen, police, patriots, and celebrities. He got a 2nd job to help pay his expenses.  He says, “Its the least I can do for them”.  Thanks for all you do for our troops Paul, you are a true friend and great patriot.

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