September 21, 2009


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Opponents of the conservative candidates running for WCASD (West Chester Area School District) are planning to plant “negative lit” against the Republican candidates in this year’s November election for school board.

On Sunday, Sept 13 at 8PM, I received an email from Brian McGinnis, who is against the conservatives running for local office. In the email he says they are having a meeting to plan a “massive negative lit drop” and “We need to bring up the negatives and show the people in East Bradford just how right wing these candidates really are.”

How did I get this email from Brian?

Because the people who sent it, must have confused me with someone else (someone who has the same name as me.  Although we have the same name, we are different, he is a regular participant of the Chester County Peace Movement demonstrations at the courthouse.  He’s a photographer by trade, he’s also a Democrat Committeeperson in Precinct North 2 in East Bradford.  My guess is they intended the email to go to that Davis, and not me. (update: he goes by Rick, I go by Rich).

The email is damning.  It is solid proof that certain people are going to hit below the belt and try to defame and smear conservatives that they don’t want elected.  It’s despicable and must be exposed.

A couple hours later (at 10PM on Sept 13), I received a follow-up email from ”Fred Rothman” replying to Brian’s plan to drop negative literature in the neighborhood of Mark Pimley (Maria Pimley is running for school board as a republican). 

Fred Rothman is a Democrat Committeeperson in Precinct South 1 in East Bradford.  Rothman says, “It’s the candidates we need to attack.” 

Rothman talks about Mark Pimley and dropping literature ”defaming him (& his wife)” for hosting a “fundraiser for the “R’s” school board campaign.”

Fred Rothman goes on to give Mark Pimley’s address and even provides a link to a google-map pointing out exactly where Mark Pimley’s house is.  (in the email I have removed the coordinates of the address to protect the Pimley privacy)

Maria Pimley is running for West Chester School Board.  She’s a republican and is a Doctor of Optometry with Chester County Opticians.  She’s also an Adjunct Instructor at the Pennsyvania College of Optometry at Salus University, teaching students going for their masters and doctoral. She has 2 children in Glen Acres Elementary and 1 preschooler.  She’s also a Cub Scout den leader and Glen Acres Volunteer.

Rothman says he is willing to fund the literature, he says he would “afford a fair share of the cost if that’s decided that that’s what should be done.”

For the record, campaign literature must contain, by law, who is paying for it, whether it be a mailing, a literature drop, a newpaper ad, a poster, a TV or radio commercial.  It’s required to specify who paid for it.

Rothman says at their meeting that they have agreed to “start the negative stuff in about 4½-5 weeks with a targeted mailing, certain WC wards & other specific precincts.” (4-5 weeks would be in mid-October, a couple weeks before the Nov 3rd election).

This is despicable and shows how desperate the Democrats are. And it speaks volumes about the agenda of members of the Chester County Peace Movement.

Instead of running on the issues these Democrats want to use smear tactics to defame people.

The 4 republican candidates (Adsett, Carpenter, Pimley, and Wingerter) are running on fiscal responsibility.  They want to keep the taxpayers costs down.   They want to provide accountability and full disclosure.  They want to emphasize their positions on the key issues.

These Democrat Committee people (and one Chairman) want to spend money and time circulating negative information about the Republican candidates.

I put the emails in cronological order.  Brian McGinnis sent the first one followed by Fred Rothman’s.

—– Original Message —–
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:37 PM
Subject: Lit Drop for East Bradford this weekend

Fred, John, Rick,
I have talked about the plan to do a massive negative lit drop in Mark Pimley’s precint and think we need to do that this weekend. Most likely Friday night or Saturday.

We need to bring up the negatives and show the people in East Bradford just how right wing these candidates really are. Let me know what you guys think.


—– Original Message —–
Sent: Sunday, September 13, 2009 10:16 PM
Subject: Lit Drop for East Bradford this weekend
At today’s meeting it was more or less agree upon to start the negative stuff in about 4½-5 weeks with a targeted mailing, certain WC wards & other specific precincts.
In reference to your lit drop Brian & for the benefit of the rest on this eMail Cc: Mark Pimley is the committee person in EB S-1 living at (address removed for privacy) off of Sconneltown (see the google map below).
 I’ve gotten some negative feedback about doing a lit drop for defaming him (& his wife) for hosting this fundraiser for the “R’s” school board campaign. 
It’s the candidates we need to attack, so depending on what our negative-type letter claims, to me, that would make a case about whether it should be done.
Now I’m not personally opposed to doing a mailing that would go out as quickly as we could get one together.  I would afford a fair share of the cost if that’s decided that that’s what should be done.  Are we certain about a date of when the fundraiser is?
Below is the actual location of the Pimley home, so limiting a mailing/lit drop to the adjacent neighbors would have to be determined.  100, 200, 500, Dems, soft “R’s”, Ind.??? (coordinates removed for privacy)
West Chester, PA 19382
1-610-431-4311, LL
The other addressee’s are Robert Graham (Democrat Committee person, Precinct South 1 East Bradford), Nathaniel Smith (Democrat Committee Chairman, Ward 5, Precinct 846), John Beitzel and Rich Davis.

These people wanted to do this in the shadows, in the dark, but by fate, they made a mistake and included me on their emails.  Now they are being expossed.  Sunlight is the best disinfectent.

Let’s hope the Daily Local News and other newspapers will cover this.  The citizens of Chester County have a right to know whats going on.  Newspaper reporters have an important responsibility to the community.  To inform readers that this type of thing is happening, and who is behind it.  This is major news at the local level at least.

Contact – Andy Hachadorian, Daily Local News Editor, 610-430-1116, and ask them to cover this. 

Will the Daily Local ask the tough questions?  What does the Chester County Democrat Headquarters have to say about this?  Is this the type of officials we want in West Chester?  Or anywhere in America?   This is wrong, it’s dirty, and it needs to be cleaned up.  Corruption knows no bounds, be it on a national level with ACORN or the NEA or here in West Chester, Pa.

The public deserves to know the truth.  The paper plays a role in our society and this story must be told.

February 16, 2009


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In New York, a respected 44-yr old man, an influential member of the muslim community, has been charged with beheading his 37-yr old muslim wife.  

In Islamic countries, these “honor killings” are not considered a crime.  If a male member of a family (usually a father or brother) thinks that a female in his family is not being a “good muslim woman” – it’s okay to kill her.  The reasons are hard to believe, often the victims are teenage girls or early 20′s who are interested in dating non-muslim men.  Sometimes it’s because she didn’t obey the man, or she was becoming “westernized” – choosing not to wear traditional muslim style clothing, or some other nonsense.  It’s happening more and more in the USA, but it’s being ignored by our media.

This monster,  Muzzammil Hassan, 44, is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light.   (is that ironic or what??)

Everyone should be outraged, especially the women, especially the feminists.  Look how one official softballed it, “Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible,” District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said.  If that ain’t the understatement of the day… 

America needs to wake up.  To learn more about these killings go here to Atlas Shrugs.  She has the most coverage and pictures about these muslim horrors.

February 9, 2009


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Vietnam Vet Tony Oleck wrote a letter last week criticizing Obama.  Karen Porter, director of the far-left CCPM, wrote an emotion-filled letter that was published today complaining about criticism directed at Obama. Here’s her letter, followed by Tony’s response.

It’s only been two weeks

If the issues this country faces weren’t so catastrophic, I could laugh out loud every time I read a letter in your newspaper castigating President Obama for not being able to put this country on a perfect course overnight (well, no, not overnight — two weeks after taking office). I reference here, “Rocky start for Obama’s ‘change’” in your Feb. 5 paper.

It takes a lot of chutzpah, sheer nerve, and downright gall to criticize President Obama while totally forgetting (and taking no responsibility for) who brought us this mess in the first place — the very ones yelling their self-righteous criticism the loudest. How dare they?

How can they whine endlessly, attacking President Obama’s two-week-old administration after the disastrous mess these very people voted into office twice and tolerated, and fabricated excuses for, for eight years?

Letters criticizing President Obama could be amusing — if they weren’t so pitifully absurd.

Karen Porter West Goshen

Tony sent a response to the Daily Local.  Hopefully it will get published.

Criticism is Factual not Pitiful

On Feb.9th Karen Porter criticized my letter…”Rocky start for Obama’s Change”. She says it takes a lot of chutzpah, sheer nerve, and downright gall to criticize President Obama while totally forgetting who brought us this mess in the first place. She also indicates I unfairly expect Obama to fix this financial mess within weeks of his inauguration.  I would like to address Ms. Porter’s concerns about my criticism (which she calls pitiful) of our new President.

First of all Ms. Porter needs to delve a little deeper than the “talking points” when addressing who “brought us this mess in the first place”.  This mess, Ms. Porter, was years and years in the making and it was at first the product of government sponsored social tinkering.  It started with laws that were changed to allow welfare checks to be used as income verification for mortgages. It came to blossoming crescendo with the liberal left pushing subprime loans via Fanny and Freddy Mac in an effort to social engineer housing for everyone.  John McCain co authored a Bill that expressed concerns and demanded tighter regulation on the Democrat “piggy banks” known as Fanny and Freddy.  There is a You Tube video of the hearings and if you Google it you can listen to  your favorite Democrats giving their support to those two failing institutions.  Chris Dodd, who got VIP mortgage treatment, Barney Frank who had a “partner” at the institutions and countless other Democrats are ALL on record in blazing color telling Senator McCain the institutions were strong and needed no further regulation.  If you remember Karen, they failed shortly afterward….and the crisis begins.  There was Wall Street greed and abuse for sure, and Greenspan left interest rates too low for too long, there is blame to go around. But make no mistake Ms. Porter, the root cause of the problem was a housing deck of cards because of liberal  intervention, and the cards came tumbling down. I know it’s easier for you to blame it all on Bush but do yourself a favor Karen and dig a little deeper.

As far as my expectations for President Obama?  I did not expect him to fix this mess in his first three weeks in office, although given the Messianic hope you and others were spouting could you blame me for thinking he might walk on water?

No, Ms. Porter what I expected was some plain old fashion LEADERSHIP.  Obama delegated our response to the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression to none other than Nancy Pelosi.  Would it have been too much to ask him to set the parameters for what he wanted to see in this bill?  A Bill that would reflect some of what he was selling us during the campaign?  A good CEO, a strong leader would have given the Speaker of his Democrat controlled House some firm direction. Instead he delegated like a good community organizer would….and you know full well how this Bill was crafted. Nancy Pelosi was like a kid in a liberal candy shop.  The Bill is full of “Pelosi pork”….she did not allow Republican input but after the Bill was completed Obama invited the Republicans to dinner.  No legislative input mind you just the façade of bipartisanship. My letter appropriately criticizes Obama for lack of leadership; for lack of bipartisanship for accepting a Bill that lacks serious focus and is just more of the same liberal solutions. Obama said during the election that he wanted to reduce ineffective government…now he’s expanding it.  This Bill also lacks a heavy dose of what has worked in the past….tax cuts, business and personal.  Capital gains cuts, corporate tax cuts… yourself another favor Karen and go back and see what JFK did to stimulate the economy during his presidency… will find it has NOTHING in common with the Pelosi Pork Bill….Obama is beginning to look a lot more like Jimmy Carter than JFK.

Anthony J Oleck
Kennett Square, PA.

June 16, 2008

Flag Day Coverage By The Daily Local, An Unsurprising Cliche

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I was happy to see that we made the front page of the Daily Local.  To say that I was disappointed with the slant in the coverage would imply that I had any hope of fair coverage of our great Flag Day Rally.

Starting with the title itself – ‘PROTESTORS USE FLAG DAY FOR EMPHASIS’ – I suspected an unsurprising left-wing slant.  Did we organize a “protest” on Saturday?  Or did we organize a Flag Day Rally?  We were there to honor a National Day, we were there to show our patriotism, to show our support for our country.  We were not protesting on Saturday, unless you consider flying a United States Flag a “protest”.

It took me only three paragraphs to realize that this is still Karen Porter’s newspaper.  Because of the six front-page paragraphs about a tremendous Flag Day Rally organized by local West Chester patriots and our partners, fully four of them were quotes by or coverage of the “Peace” protests on the other side!  The final paragraph on the front page was particularly galling to include about a spectacularly patriotic event:

“We’re attempting to continue to raise a voice of protest to the ongoing war in Iraq and to President Bush’s policies of war and injustice around the world which accompany it,” said Smith, who is a staff member of the Brandywine Peace Community.

Nothing like a boring and cliche attack on our Commander-In-Chief to describe a Flag Day rally.  You would think they could at least come up with a more creative and less transparent way to show their true contempt for our President.

I took umbrage to the following paragraph:

Both sides admitted it could be difficult to tell which message the drivers were honking for.

Perhaps someone covering their eyes would confuse the honks, but anyone of clear sight could quickly see the different messages.  I can assure you that no one associated with the Chester County Victory Movement was confused by the support we received, nor were any of the Warrior’s Watch Riders, nor were any of the Gathering of Eagles.  Quite the contrary – we felt that it was blatantly obvious which side supported our flag and our country, and which side is trying to press their naive and infantile leftist beliefs.

It was also interesting to note that they also claimed we had “about 100″ people on our side, when our numbers at noon were over 175, and this was not even our peak time.  We normally get 25-30 patriots to stand on our corner.

The remainder of the article was a tit-for-tat telling of the day.  I suppose the author of the article felt that this was really just the same old weekend in West Chester.  I suppose that he didn’t realize that the CCVM had about 6 times our normal showing, while the “Peace” side had the same old cast of characters.  I suppose he didn’t realize that we had galvanized support from so many organizations and people across the country that we had some drive up from Orlando, FL, New York, and Washington, DC, just to join us.

Saturday’s Flag Day rally was a tremendous and special day.  You’ll have to forgive me for thinking that the Daily Local’s coverage was anything but unsurprisingly tired and cliche.

May 26, 2008

Karen Porter’s Ugly Response To Our WSJ Article.

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Karen Porter, the head of the anti-war protestors (The Chester County “Peace” Movement) threw a temper tantrum over the article about us in the Wall Street Journal. She can’t defend her own message so she continues to divide America and build bad blood with another vicious emotional attack against anyone who disagrees with her. Here’s what she wrote to the 1000 readers of her newsletter, followed by her whiney Letter to the Editor of the WSJ.

“Now Kevin Ferris has made national “celebrities” out of this group. Unreal.
Oh, well, after all the lies and treachery of the past 7 years, I can believe
anything. –Karen. Here’s my response:

Kevin Ferris’s column about “the Chester County Victory Movement” was full
of half-truths and non-truths. (Funny how he didn’t publish it in our
hometown paper, where he works. Did he fear the truth coming out?)
First of all, he never bothered to interview those of us in The Chester
County Peace Movement who have been protesting the Iraq War for over five years.
He hangs around the counterprotestor group, kind of a “military groupie”,
but he looks upon us peace vigilers with utter disdain – and he never fails to
let us know that.

Second, he accuses us of aggressive behavior, ignoring that the so-called
“victory” people came to that corner with threatened violence, revving
motorcycle engines, constant pushing and taunting and yelling right up in our faces,
cursing – they had many West Chester’s citizens terrified of them for months.
We would have told Ferris had he bothered to ask.

Third, that group has harrassed me personally every week, putting my name
out all over the fringe right-wing blogs and on obscene signs, yelling my name
constantly, threatening me, yelling my face whenever they have a chance. We
would have told Ferris had he bothered to ask.

Fourth, we have a constant group of Veterans for Peace with us on the corner
every Saturday, but evidently these men (mostly combat veterans) don’t quite
“fit” Ferris’s romantic vision of the “vet.” We would have told Ferris had
he bothered to ask.

Finally, the incident of which Ferris writes – about one of our people
supposedly assaulting one of theirs: This decorated Vietnam combat veteran was
never convicted of assault, Ferris’s fantasy. Additionally, he never hit the
person Ferris wishes he had hit – he knocked an obnoxious camera out of his
face when that person kept shoving it into his face while all the other thugs
were yelling “traitor” in his face repeatedly and nastily. This group set up
this veteran and used it for all the PR value they could, with gullible
Ferris cheering on in his written words. Ferris and the CCVM guy care about how
Vietnam vets are treated? Give me a break. We would have told Ferris had he
bothered to ask.

Kevin Ferris has a political agenda that totally obscures any “truth” on his
part. If he wants to write about his beloved military and veterans, why
isn’t he writing about his own military experience (assuming he has some)?

Here’s something Skye suggests – I have written letter of support to the editor of the WSJ and included links to video’s that refute the baseless allegations by Karen Porter. I encourage all readers to send a note of support for this article to the editor, you can write to them at or at this LINK.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this subject in the comment section as well. Thank you very much.

May 22, 2008

“Make it so they never ever want to attack us again”

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There’s a video of Marcus Luttrell (former Navy Seal and current “Vet For Freedom” ) speaking at the NRA convention. It’s required viewing, especially now, when the leftists want to pull out of Iraq.

Luttrell talks about how the politicians need to try and figure it out, do all they can to prevent sending troops over there, but once they do, once they take the leash off, then (in his words), “Let me do all I can to annhilate the enemy so that they will never ever want to attack us again, that’s how we do business.”

He talks about how the troops have to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. One time he found traces of IED explosives on a suspect’s car so they torched it. The next day, Al Jazeera sent a news team to cover a group of “protestors” who lied and said the troops burned the car, destroyed a Koran, broke a woman’s arm, and stole $50,000 from the house.

He said the thing that aggravates him the most is the misinformation the American public gets from the media. A doctor told him, “Son you have PTSD” and Luttrell said, “The only PTSD I have is when I turn the TV on and watch those newscasters put out something that’s not right.”

Hat Tip – Skye at Midnight Blue, click HERE to watch the video.

May 10, 2008

Vietnam Vet, Michael Crescenz, to be honored Monday, May 12

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Here’s a great story about a local hero who made the ultimate sacrifice in 1968 in Vietnam. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions. On Monday, Michael’s remains will be escorted from Downingtown, PA to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Many of us are going to pay respects to Michael and his family.

If you wish to participate in the motorcade. Please arrive about an hour early, we depart at 8AM sharp.

Terry Funeral Home
736 E Lancaster Ave
Downingtown, PA 19335 (for more details, click here)

Kevin Ferris wrote a terrific tribute in yesterday’s Phila Inquirer. Here’s an excerpt:

When his platoon was ambushed on Nov. 20, 1968, in Vietnam’s Hiep Duc Valley, Michael grabbed an M-60 and single-handedly charged three enemy machine-gun positions, killing the crews.

“He definitely stood up that day and broke the logjam we were in,” says Stafford, a medic with Michael’s platoon in the 196th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division. “I was able to get to one wounded guy because of Michael.”

While Michael drew the enemy’s fire, Stafford advanced to help a wounded soldier who couldn’t pull himself to safety. As Stafford tended to the man’s injuries, Michael put himself between the medic and the enemy. That’s when Michael was killed.

“Things happen so quickly in a war, and you wonder why certain things happen to some but not others,” Stafford says. “I figured out after many years that it just wasn’t my time.

“But Michael’s day was that day – to help his comrades – and that was it.”

read the full column here

May 9, 2008

Peacenik is sorry

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There were 2 more LTE’s from the so-called “peace” protestors – they say they’re sorry – and they are…

(btw, I don’t know who the “hero” is that the writer speaks of – guess he’s talking about W) – who is the basis of all their sorrow.


Thanks to your “hero” and his rogue regime, I feel sorry for all of us children of the world. I feel sorry for our troops and their families. I weep at those lost Americans, the innocent Iraqis, all the mothers who have sacrificed their daughters and sons.

I weep for my grandson and the many like him who will be burdened by the arrogance and ineptitude of this poor excuse for a “leader” and human being. And at such grotesque cost.

I weep for us. And the American Indian. And all us citizens of the world. I am not a religious man, but if there is a God, she or he is weeping also. If God exists, then one day, Bush and his cronies will be held accountable. This would be the only time he and/or his ilk have been held accountable for crimes against humanity (not to mention all their other countless high crimes and “misdemeanors”).

Bush is the most impeachable president (unelected) in history, far worse than Watergate. By Jove, I do believe there is a book by that name!

William C. Poulsen Jr.



With the disastrous Iraq war and the worsening domestic economy, related because of enormous expenditures, 81 percent of Americans now say the country is moving in the wrong direction and the disapproval rating of 79 percent of the sitting president is worse than during the days of Watergate.

Instead of quarreling with one another or blaming local personalities, we ought to place criticism and correction where it belongs — on the current administration, and behind that its misrepresented and erroneous policies, and behind that the narrow and outdated views and concepts that fed it in this the 21st century.

David W. Long

West Chester

May 8, 2008

“Peace” protestors want to move forward

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Funny how the “peace” protestors say they want to move past the Mar 22 incident – yet they don’t seem to be able to control themselves and abide by the separation agreement agreed to in good faith. As the Police Chief said, both sides need to be civil – the safety of both sides and 3rd party (drivers and walkers) is the main concern, mixing is a recipe for disaster, it never gets better, it only gets worse. One of them crossed the street last week to confront a college girl on our side about her “I love Gitmo” sign – seems Freedom of Speech is for the Peace protestors only. The best way to “move past” is by acting like peacemakers and living up to the agreement in the best interest of both sides and the people of West Chester. Do this, and both sides look good.

I am a member of the Chester County Peace Movement (CCPM). I would like to state that I am very tired of the letters to the editor which continue to pour in relating to the March 22, vigil incident.
I believe enough has been said about the subject by both the Victory and the Peace Movements’ members. I am distressed also by the personal attacks on Karen Porter, the director of CCPM. It is obvious that those individuals who do this, do not know Karen Porter. I can tell you that Karen is a courageous, ethical and compassionate individual. However, I know that those who have taken a dislike to her will not take my word for it. And I certainly do not wish to start another round of attacks on her.
What I would like to suggest is that we move on to more important subject matters in our letters to the editor: subjects such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the plight of all those people who have left Iraq, and of those living in Haiti; the conflicts in the Middle East, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. And last, but not least, in the United States, the plight of those individuals who live in poverty, who have no health insurance and who may also be victims of many forms of discrimination. The list of potential subjects could go on and on.
Instead of attacking each other, let’s become better informed.
Isabel Olmsted
Kennett Square

Here’s what Karen Porter had to add in her latest newsletter

After I sent this e-mail, I had this thought, which I would like to share with this list:
None of us has EVER ONCE even breathed the names of the counterprotestor leaders or any of their people in public letters or other communications. I have studiously avoided that – as have all of you. We have never, ever engaged in ad hominem attacks. And we never will. Unlike that group, we have not engaged the extremely vicious Internet attacks (I’ve been told about them – I never, ever read them) – or any other kind of attack. We don’t go up to them and call them names (like “idiot” in my face twice last week or “traitors” to our veterans for peace) or other rude, crude attacks of any kind.
Enough said.
Isabel and David are absolutely correct: Let’s focus on issues from now on. I’m bored with, tired of, finished with the whole “counterprotestor” issue – it’s a little “Rev. Wright” (as an adjective) to me at this point – something we should, must, and can put behind us. I never wish to even use the word, “counterprotestor,” again. It’s a silly diversion, and enough’s enough.
Let’s MOVE ON.

May 6, 2008

Great LTE from a Sheepdog

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Ed responded to Karen Porter’s recent rant about us with his LTE that was printed in today’s Daily Local. Ed is a Vietnam Veteran and proud participant of our Victory Rallies.

A perception problem by CCPM

Based on Ms. Porter’s (Chester County Peace Movement) last letter, she obviously has a perception problem. My letter, which she references, was not offered as any sort of expert. It described my honest observations of two rallies and my logical conclusions drawn from statements written by Ms. Porter. I now have doubts that she is familiar with either of these concepts (honesty and logic).

Further, Ms. Porter apparently has a focus problem with regard to the May 22 incident. The focus of her reference should be, one of her members, a retired school teacher /public servant, assaulted a girl half his size. Not whether the girl was a young girl or a somewhat young girl.

I will close with two last things.

First: Ms. Porter can be assured I am not using and do not have a direct line into her brain.

Second: When my current commitments are completed I will do as Ms. Porter suggests and get out more. At every opportunity, I will be proud to stand with Chester Count Victory Movement supporting our troops, America and peace through victory.

Ed Kurth

former sergeant of paratroopers

101st Airborne Division

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