May 28, 2012


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We held our annual Memorial Day Rally when we hold signs with specific names of heroes we’ve known, neighbors, friends, and family members. 


Above, Earnie, a Vietnam Veteran,  holds a flag in honor of his son Tyler who is an Army Green Beret, currently in Afghanistan, and Dan, a Vietnam Veteran, salutes while we sing the National Anthem.  Dan’s son is a US Marine, currently in Afghanistan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our troops and their families.


Thanks to all who came out and made it happen. We will never forget our American heroes who gave up their tomorrows so that we could enjoy our todays.


January 29, 2012


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Another outstanding turnout of patriotic Americans showing public pride and support for our noble servicemen and women. 

Highlights included a visit by David Peavy of CBS and WPHT 1210AM radio.  David works promotions for the Chris Stigall show heard every morning.  You can see him on the left holding the “Navy Seals Rock” sign.


Every rally is like a parade, we form a magnificent wall of red, white, and blue representing all that is good about America.  At noon we sing the National Anthem and say a prayer for our troops. 


We consist of veterans, military family members, and regular citizens.  This week I was proud to have my son-in-law Rick join us, he held the flag at the end.  Thanks to all who made it happen.  See you next week at the corner of High St and Market St.


January 7, 2012


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We were honored to have two active duty soldiers join us at our Christmas Eve rally.  Greg Kosh, USMC, just returned from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan and John Paul Snook, US Army, also an Afghanistan veteran.  Both are young officers, captains, and both are local.  We thank them and their buddies for all they do for us. They are our greatest patriots.


July 3, 2011


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Happy Birthday America! Our rallies are always full of red, white, and blue.

At the end we sang the Star Spangled Banner and said a prayer of thanks for our troops.

A group of youngsters and teens from Bible Baptist Church joined us as they were passing flyers for summer Bible school. They looked great in their costumes and many members of their church are in the military.

Have a great 4th of July! We are blessed to be Americans. God watch over all who serve to keep our country strong and free.

June 26, 2011


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Outstanding rally! Huge crowd. Thanks to the patriotic riders who came from all over to show public support for our troops and their families.

At the end we sang the National Anthem and said a prayer for our troops.


June 19, 2011


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Thanks to everyone who came out and made it happen. See you next Saturday.

June 12, 2011


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We had a visit from the USMC’s mascot. Her name is Sophie and her uncle served proudly in the Marines.

Another outstanding show of support for our troops. Audrey held the flag for us as we ended our rally by singing the National Anthem and saying a prayer for our troops protection and success.

Cute sisters Sidney and Sam came to support their Uncle Billy, an Army Apache Helicopter Pilot currently in Iraq. Scott came with his dad Ray, a 20-year Marine.

Just as Sophie stands guard and looks out for her family, our troops are sheepdogs, looking out for us, protecting the sheep and confronting the wolves. We are forever grateful to all our armed forces and we never take their sacrifices for granted.

Thank You Troops! Thank You Military Families! May God protect you and guide you to victory over evil.

June 5, 2011


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Perfect spring day greeted patriotic citizens, military moms and dads, and veterans to come out and show open support for our troops.

Joan held the flag for us as we sang the Star Spangled Banner and said the Lords Prayer for our troops. Joan met us about a year ago as she and her husband were walking by. They were surprised and happy to see us holding signs and flags in support of our troops. They told me, “Our nephew Steven is in Afghanistan right now”. They come to our rallies when they can. She told us Steven is back from Afghanistan. We are extremely proud of his service and glad that Joan kept us up to date.

The highlight was a visit from an active duty Army sargeant named Scott. He is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and he gave us some Army stuff. “I’d like to give you these” he said as he handed me a blue ballcap and gray t-shirt with 82nd Airborne insignia , “You can give them to someone in your group, I really appreciate what you guys are doing, this is amazing.” I took his picture as he posed with Albert, Marine Bob, and Vietnam Veteran Bud. Thanks Scott, you made our day and we appreciate all you do for us.

Our mascot Victor was at the rally. Afterwards we took a walk, he comes from a long line of military dogs. He loves our troops and always seems uplifted and inspired after our rally.

May 29, 2011


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It was our biggest Memorial Day rally ever. Huge turnout, many families. We held signs remembering friends and loved ones who gave their all to protect and defend us and our way of life.

The highlight was a visit from Billy Mowers, active duty Army. He’s home on leave for a couple days from Iraq where he’s been flying his Apache Helicopter everyday, providing close-air support for all the supply and fuel trucks coming and going from his camp. We were honored and thrilled to be able to shake his hand, thank him, and give him all the support he can use as he returns to Iraq to finish his final 6 months in Iraq.

Billy is a Warrant Officer (CW2) and he surprised us with a special gift and certificate. He gave us a US Flag that had flown in his helicopter in Iraq . The certificate read:

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented to:

American Sheepdogs

On April 1st, 2011, this American Flag was flown for 6 hours in combat over Iraq inside AH-64D Attack Helicopter tail number 85062 by CW2 William Mowers and CW2 Brendon McNamara. It is given in appreciation for your support of the troops and your patriotism.

Signed by CW2 William Mowers and CW2 Brendon McNamara

This gesture means so much to us, that these soldiers, busy saving the world, would take the time and effort to prepare a certificate with a flag for us. Its a priceless gift and we are honored and grateful to receive it. Thank you Billy and Brendon, you are the best. We will cherish it always.

We stand for one-hour every Saturday with our signs and flags forming a human wall of red, white, and blue along the sidewalks of this historic corner in West Chester. At the end we gather together to sing the National Anthem and say the Lord’s Prayer for our troops and their families. This week we were honored to have Billy Mowers come to the front and hold the flag for us.

This young patriot led us in singing “Grand Ole Flag”, it was terrific!

It was an outstanding day, many newcomers and friends we haven’t seen in a while. Several passerbys pointed to our signs with the names we were remembering and said, “I knew him, he was my neighbor” or “I went to school with him”.

We were thrilled to have Billy with us. You can see the pride and joy in his parents faces (Bill and Kay) and his neices Sidney and Sam. They all came to dinner at Limoncellos the night before, that’s Billy’s wife Katy. We will keep Billy and all his buddies in our thoughts and pray for his protection and success as he continues to represent and defend the United States of America and protect our families and our freedoms.

May 21, 2011


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A beautiful sunny day greeted us as we gathered together to show public pride and support for our troops on Armed Forces Day in West Chester, PA.

The highlight of the day was a visit by Corporal Lucy Christensen. Her mother Cindy has been coming to our rallies for a while now. Lucy is 22-years old and a proud Marine currently serving in North Carolina. Its always great when we can meet our troops and thank them in person. She is married to Evan, another Marine, and she brought their beautiful 7-month old baby (Alexis) to the rally. She is home for a few days leave, arrived early this morning, and told her mom she wanted to come to our rally. Lucy, it was great to meet you. Thanks so much for your service (and your husband’s too). FYI, Lucy’s 20-year old sister Allison, is also in the Marines, currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Our rallies are like a parade without the marching bands, patriotism fills the air. Lots of red, white, and blue. We had several military family members including Ron (son Greg is a Marine Officer, currently in Afghanistan) and Bill (son Billy is an Army helicopter pilot, currently in Iraq). Bill brought his adorable granddaughter Sam along to support her Uncle Billy. We also had Joy and Doug, proud parents of an Army Iraq Vet and Scott, an young Army veteran who served in Iraq. Other veterans like Howard, Bob, and Jim were also on hand. Its always great to have people like Audrey, Jeff, and JoAnne. We always have an Israeli flag to show our support for our ally Israel as she defends herself against the same Islamic Jihadists as we do.

Special thanks to Nick for bringing the “Our Heroes” flag for Armed Forces Day. Nick purchased the banner at Brandywine Flags in Downingtown and made the stand out of PVC pipe. It’s a nice touch to our show of public support for our Armed Forces.

At the end of the rally, Jim, a Marine Vietnam Veteran, held the flag for us as we sang the National Anthem and said a prayer for our troops.

Thanks to everyone who came today, we looked spectacular. Our troops step into a battle zone and we step out of our comfort zones. United We Stand, Together We Win. Happy Armed Forces Day and see you next Saturday!

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