December 22, 2008


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The Christmas spirit filled the air at Saturday’s Victory rally.  Merry Christmas signs, Santa hats, scarves and winter weather added to the feastive mood.  Thanks to all for coming and sending your message of support and appreciation to our troops.

Group Shot, 12/20/2008

Group Shot, 12/20/2008

Several highlights included us singing ”Silent Night” at the end.  There was also some amiable exchanges of Christmas greetings between members of both sides.  

One lowlight occured when one of the CCPM members left early in his red mini-Cooper and gave us the finger as he drove by us, I guess he just can’t control himself, even at Christmas.

August 3, 2008


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Yesterday we began our 12th month of Victory Rallies.  In spite of the threat of rain and a couple downpours we had a fantastic turnout, full of enthusiastic patriots proudly showing their support for our troops and their mission.

Special salute to the 3 youngsters who joined us, Kiersten, Michael and Madeline – you all brighten our day with your presence and smiles and we love your homemade signs and patriotic outfits!

Also special welcome to newcomer Melissa, she’s a proud Army vet, a young mother of 2 young boys and an Iraq War Veteran.  We are always thrilled and honored to have our returning “heroes” join us when they come home.

Also welcome to Al, a Marine veteran who recently finished his hitch.  They both fit right in and made us look good.  Thanks to both of you for your service and for being with us yesterday!

As always we finished with an outstanding rendition of our National Anthem, Pledge, and Prayer for our Troops’ protection and success.

Our Troops continue to give us their all.  They are saving the world.  They are setting the standards of excellence for us.  They dedicate themselves and push themselve – and take care of each other.  And WE are proud to bk them up and recognize them with the support and honor that they have earned and deserve.

To the Troops! To America!

Surrender is not the answer – VICTORY IS THE ANSWER!

July 28, 2008


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Another large turnout of patriots attended our weekly rally.  Everyone looked sharp and enthusiastic.  We had about 8 newcomers - including Matt, the son of regulars Mary Lou and Harry.

Matt’s an American soldier, and a hero in our eyes.  He’s been in uniform about 12 years, started out in the Marines and is now in the National Guard.  He wore a “Got Freedom” T-shirt and looks every bit like the All-American Freedom Fighter that he is.  We thank God for guys like Matt – doing a job that must be done, for us.  In addition, we met his Uncle Bill, also a veteran, and his girlfriend Melissa.

We loved little Madeline’s sign that said, “Thank You Troops for Protecting ME” It even had her hand prints on it.  That’s what its all about – parents teaching their kids to respect and appreciate the volunteer members of our Armed Forces.  Madeline is as wise as she is adorable.  Kudos to her parents.

Another highlight was John and Nina, two total strangers, who drove by, then pulled over and came back to stand with us -  turns out they are diehard patriots who had never seen us before.  They were excited to be with us and said they would be back next week.   Like all of us, they are very grateful for our group and our Victory Rallies.

We also say “hello” to HowardJohn and Jeri (Linda’s friend) – Welcome aboard!

Once again we finished with a strong rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and Pledge of Allegiance, followed always by our prayer for the troops’ protection and success.

It’s worth noting that the so-called “peace” protesters continue to violate the separation agreement by sending one of their haters over to our side pretending to be a photographer – but he was there only to agitate and argue.  He started with me by asking, “What did Iraq have to do with 9/11?”  As I tried to reply he constantly interrupted me, wouldn’t let me finish and just kept repeating his points of view – which consist of all the far left talking points.  He believes if he talks loud enough and fast enough and long enough that he will convert us.  He’s the typical “peacemaker” who’s only there to agitate and annoy decent people trying to shop or dine in West Chester. The only thing he succeeded in doing was giving me a shower from all the drops of foam and spit that came out of his mouth while he frothed his arguments at me.  In addition the aggressive so-called ‘peace” protesters screamed and shouted “we hate Bush” over and over – which is real reason why they are out there.

Go to Skye’s blog Midnight Blue – to see more great coverage, photographs and a video!  (Photos in this post are courtesy Skye – see more here.)  See you next week – and remember “VICTORY IS THE ANSWER”

Our Troops are fighting hard (and winning) for US over there, and we are doing our part to counter the insurgents within and show America that we proudly stand behind Our Troops!

July 13, 2008


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Another outstanding rally, large enthusiastic turnout!

It felt like a 4th of July festival, all the flags, patriotic music and signs of support for our troops.  One highlight was an elated passerby named Anthony who said he was going into the Navy soon and how supportive we were and how unsupportive and harmful the peaceniks are.

Special welcome to four newcomers.  One is a Marine Mom named Laura, her 22-yr old hero son Brian, has been a Marine for 18 months,  she was ecstatic to be part of us and vice-versa.  Also Daniel was there,  joining sister Kristen and father John, who found out about us from the Wall Street Journal story.  And Mike K’s cute little daughter was there all dressed in red, white, and blue. And Harrison’s dad, Steve, was there.  Thanks to each of you for participating!

At the end we sang the National Anthem (the anti-Americans on the other side began to belligerently shout and tried to drown us out – they possess no honor or class).  They used to have the corner to themselves for 5 years – hurting our troops and helping Al-Queda and our enemies.  They used to be unopposed, but we showed up 45 weeks ago and they can’t stand seeing us in public.  Now they know how we felt for 5 years.   They truly are in-your-face, intolerant arrogant traitors who can’t stand seeing the US flag and sees our troops as occupiers and bullies (or victims tricked by recruiters), they fight ROTC at West Chester University, and they fight other decent Americans who decide to publicly disagree with their far-left extremist blame-America views.

Thanks to all of you regulars and newcomers who come out every weekend to present the patriotic image of America that most people love and cherish.  At the end, we prayed aloud, like we always do, for our troops protection and success.  We stand behind them all the way.   THANK YOU TROOPS!  THANK YOU MILITARY FAMILIES!

(Group photo and bottom photo courtesy of NeoCon, middle two photos courtesy of Sean.)

June 1, 2008

Great Turnout for a Wet Rally, 5/31/2008

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Thanks everyone for the great turnout despite the downpour.  We showed a strong and unified line of red, white, and blue, and received a tremendous amount of support from passers-by and passing cars.

Our group photo, as we seek shelter under the Courthouse:

Group Photo, 5/31/2008

More of NeoCon’s great photos (I love the cigar photo!) can be found here.

May 28, 2008

5/24/2008 Rally, and ‘Operation Gunny’ Update

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Thanks to everyone who made it out on Saturday – we had a great turnout! Rich was still at Fleet Week (hangin’ with Altas!), so check out Skye’s write-up of the day. NeoCon’s terrific group shot:

NeoCon\'s Group Photo, 5/24/2008

Check out the rest of his shots here. You’ll see more like this one:

Skye & Kathy

I also got an update from Doc Raoul on the care packages for Gunny Jenkins. We don’t need any more socks (thanks everyone!) and below is what we have so far:

Pringles (8 cans); Dermatone Cream (2); Chapstick (1); Altoids (2); Jerky (2 large pcs); Socks (4); Body Glide (1); Sunblock (Large) (1); Curry beans (2); Beans and Chicken Franks (4); Pepperage Farm Cookies (2); Candy Button on paper strip (3); Necco Waffers (6); Wall Street Journal article (1); Microwave Hamburger Helper (4).

From Doc:

Box will be available every week at the West Chester rally. One item per person will fill it and don’t need to spend more than $1-$3 each if you want in on this effort. Thanks to all!

May 17, 2008

Saturday Rally, May 17th – Happy Armed Forces Day!

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We had a great positive rally today, with the sun shining and hundreds of honks for our support. We have a great message to give, thanks to everyone who showed up! Some highlights:

Group Shot, May 17th

Good turnout! A few (including me) are out of the picture.

Below, a couple pictures from the closing remarks:

Frank and Pat


Below, Tom passes the coin to Frank to thank him for showing up every week supporting our cause.

Tom passes the coin to WWII vet Frank

Finally, we had a bunch of new faces today – welcome on board everyone!

New Sheepdogs

May 4, 2008

Great Rally, Saturday May 3rd

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Thanks for the great turnout – thanks especially to the visits by the WCU College Republicans and the high school republicans.  We are getting a continuous flow of ‘thumbs up’ and honks for our troops.  It was a bit chilly for May, but thanks to a generous serving of matzoh we all were able to stay warm.  Thanks NeoCon for the great pictures, click here for more.

April 27, 2008

Another Fine Rally – April 26th 2008

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Thanks to the patriots who made it out yesterday.  The rain held off and we made another wall of red, white, and blue.  Thanks to the sheepdogs who manned the booth at the PA Leadership Conference – we look forward to reading about the events at Skye’s blog.

Group Shot, April 27th 2008

April 19, 2008

Rally Today, 4/19/2008

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Today looks perfect – bright and sunny skies.  Remember that we are on the Courthouse side this week, so stay on the West side of High Street and keep the cross walks clear.

See you at 10:45!

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